WWE Payback 2014: Rising Stars Who Will Create Buzz

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 20, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The card for the second edition of WWE Payback is starting to take shape, and it looks like a promising show.

There is bound to be plenty of drama and excitement given the current state of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as Daniel Bryan will surely not be defending the championship.

Some rising stars are going to making their first real appearances on pay-per-view at the event, and some stars will start to make serious waves with their new gimmicks.

With a strong showing likely at Payback for many stars, let's examine just a few of the men who will create buzz and cement their growing popularity.



The Bulgarian brute is on a real upward trajectory since making his debut on the main roster, but he really needs a rivalry with substance to cement his reputation as a star of the future.

That could well come against Big E, who is officially out of the running for the Intercontinental Championship after losing out to Rob Van Dam's quicker time on Raw in London.

Rusev has had a bright start to life in the WWE, with several squash victories giving him a fairly significant push. It would now be nice to see him compete in a 15-minute match, for example. That would give us a clear idea of just how talented the guy is.

He seems to be able to draw some pretty good reactions from the crowd, and that anti-American gimmick is working well. With Lana by his side, you get the feeling anything is possible for Rusev.


Adam Rose

After a slow start to life in the WWE for Adam Rose, he finally cemented a positive relationship with wrestling fans in London this week.

The reaction he got during his segment with Jack Swaggerand in the minutes after that segment, when the crowd was still chanting for himtells you he could be on his way up in the WWE.

Of course, people will draw similarities between Rose and Fandango, as both seemed to make their big breakthroughs with the crowd in the United Kingdom. However, you would hope the WWE has learned from the mistakes it made with Fandango and that the same doesn't happen again.

Expect Rose to not make his debut in the ring until Paybackbut expect him to beat Jack Swagger. Anyone who has seen NXT has seen Rose compete and knows he can be incredibly entertaining.

When the company holds off a debut for so long, it is important that it goes off with a bang. Adam Rose should deliver on that front.


Bad News Barrett

Some people may question whether Bad News Barrett is a rising starafter all, he has been around the WWE for a while now.

But that was under his old Wade Barrett gimmick. Bad News Barrett is still new and fresh, and he is beginning to make a name for himself.

The reaction he got on Raw in the United Kingdom was a given, but the promo he cut made the British fans absolutely deliriousme included.

He's managing to draw those kinds of reactions all across the world, though, which suggests he is very much on the rise.

If the WWE manage Barrett's development correctly over the coming months, it could genuinely have one of the top heels in the company on its hands.