Micah Owings: Can I Start Him As a Position Player?

Marcus MoellerContributor IApril 30, 2008

The bottom of the 6th inning started rather inauspisciously on Wenesday afternoon for the Arizona Diamondbacks; however, what ensued was far from ordinary.

Faced with a 2-run deficit, Arizona's part of the 6th looked promising as Stephen Drew doubled to deep center.  However, when Chris Burke struck out swinging and Miguel Montero flied out, it looked as though the Diamondbacks would waste the leadoff double, that was...until Manager Bob Melvin made a perculiar decision.  He decided to pinch hit with a pitcher.  In a league that often pinch hits for the pitcher, Melvin pinch hit with a pitcher...and he proceeded to look like a genius.  Owings went opposite field with the 6th innning home run and propelled his Diamondbacks to the 8-7 come from behind victory. 

I think we can stop saying, "that Owings guy is the a really good hitter for a pitcher"; rather we should be saying "that guys is a really good hitter."

After the Wednesday home run, Owings is hitting a jaw dropping .421 (8-19) on the year.

 I just have question:  As Micah Owings manager (fantasy land speaking), when will Yahoo allow me to start him as my Utilily hitter on days he starts...or (after today's display) maybe even the games he doesn't?