Please Read! Very Important! Orlando Savage is Ready for the WWE

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 26, 2009

Hello wrestling fans. I am here to write about an up and coming star. This is just a little tidbit about him until I interview him over the next couple of days.

I just want you fans to see what an extraordinary athlete Orlando Savage really is. He's WWE bound. Once you see him in action, you will agree.

I'm not writing this just to be writing. I could be writing about any other wrestler, Randy Orton, Triple H, John Cena, or write about different matches in the WWE as I usually do.

Many of my articles get tons of reviews. So you know its not for that. Its because I believe in Orlando Savage.

I only write the truth and for what I believe in. This young athlete has what it takes to be a champion. WWE style champion.

Orlando trains hard and doesn't give up. He possesses all the things that makes a great wrestler.

Orlando was born in Lima, Ohio in 1989, where a lot of pro wrestlers train at and go on to be champions for example: Al Snow, the Blue Meanie, The Miz (came from Cincinnati) and John Cena trained there.

So something has to be said for the state of Ohio. There are different federations for instance, DWA and Bodyslammers wrestling Gym.  Savage started wrestling in his senior year of school. He's been pro for about four years.

This young man is no flash in the pan. Savage is fast and a high flier, takes a lot of risks. Kind of reminds me of, let me see, ah yes, a cross between Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne.

At the present time, he wrestles for the DWA (Dynamic Wrestling Alliance). Savage has  tryouts for Shockwave Pro Wrestling on July 11, where I think he will be an easy shoo-in.

Orlando is associated with: a member of powerlifting, Global Wrestling Alliance, the EWF out of Marion, Ind., SWF out of Nashville, Tenn., and trained at Bodyslammers Wrestling Gym in Lima, Ohio.

His signature move is the Mystical Teardrop, which I have seen up close and its a lethal move.

Savage weighs 215 lbs and stands 6'0 and can move like a jaguar. He has speed, agility, charisma but is humble. Orlando trains hard and is hungry to make it big in the extreme sport of wrestling.

Even though he is young, laid back and down to earth, he takes his craft seriously. He is a highly skilled all-round wrestler. I cannot say enough about this young athlete. If the WWE doesn't pick him up, they will regret it. 

Don't estimate him because he's young. Watch his videos on Youtube. Just type in Orlando Savage. After you watch them, come back to this article and leave a comment. Let me know what you think, wrestling fans and sportswriters.

Like I said earlier, I am not just writing just to be writing. This kid can go very far in wrestling. In my opinion, I think he can bring a lot to the WWE. He's up for the challenge. Orlando will prevail!

Note: Orlando Savage has agreed to give me an interview to be viewed on here on 6/27/09