Sheamus' Brawling Will Make US Title Reign Most Entertaining in Recent Memory

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 20, 2014


The WWE United States Championship will be at the center of a mass of slobberknockers while Sheamus carries it.

The conveyor belt of brutal bouts he is likely to produce will make his time with the title more interesting than his predecessors' reigns. Memorable matches, reddened flesh and the echo of forearms on torsos promise to bring more eyes to a championship that has been undervalued and neglected. 

The title helped introduce fans to Cesaro. Winning it provided a career highlight for Dean Ambrose. The Miz, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston all benefited from the title as well. 

While all of those reigns had their highlights, Sheamus' second run with the title promises to be better.

The recent boost in the championship's prestige will help. Cesaro was bogged down by having to face inferior foes like R-Truth and Santino Marella. Ambrose rarely put the title on the line. The Miz was asked to lose the belt to a retired Bret Hart.

Sheamus' star power forces WWE to treat him better than those folks.

He comes into this reign as a Royal Rumble winner and former world champion. It would be startling if the company now had him taking on challenges from Fandango or Brodus Clay. 

The Irishman's first two weeks as champ have seen him battle Cesaro twice.

At this point in his career, Cesaro is miles ahead of where he was during his time with the U.S. title. A growing fanbase, the appeal of his Cesaro Swing and an impressive collection of awe-worthy matches has him on the cusp of headlining.

Facing bigger-name opponents will boost Sheamus' turn as champion, but it will be the brutal nature of his matches that elevate it.

Sheamus and Cesaro's clash on the May 13 edition of Main Event showed a glimpse of what to expect going forward with The Celtic Warrior. Even after the bell rang, the two foes clubbed each other. Cesaro struck Sheamus in the ribs with a chair, and Sheamus responded with a Brogue Kick. 

This is the kind of hard-hitting action Sheamus has excelled in. It's what fans can expect to surround the United States Championship for the foreseeable future.

A big part of Sheamus' gimmick, after all, is that he likes to fight. When fists are cracking against flesh and two warriors leave each other wobbly, he seems most comfortable.

His subsequent encounter with Cesaro during this past Monday's Raw showed off that trait.

Cesaro clubbed Sheamus in midair with his trademark uppercut. The resulting sound was the kind of unsettling smack that made up much of Fight Club. Foes often seem to hit Sheamus harder, cranking up the violence of their matches when tangling with him.

When the fight was over and defeat stung Sheamus, he tried to shake hands. It was as if he was saying he was proud of Cesaro for giving him such a tough battle.

Should WWE capitalize on his love of combat and select the roster's most rugged members to face Sheamus, the result is going to be that the battles for the U.S. title will regularly steal the show.

A number of the company's emerging stars would make ideal fits as his contenders.

Rusev, Big E, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper have all shown promise as brawlers. Pit them against Sheamus and there is sure to be the kind of hard-hitting action that was missing from so many recent U.S. title reigns. Ryback should join the fun as well.

On the May 12 Raw, Sheamus took on The Big Guy, and the two powerhouses produced excellence.

Slugging strikes and power moves made for an entertaining show. It was the best Ryback had looked in a long while. More meetings with Sheamus will likely bring out the viciousness we saw from him here. 

WWE also knows it can turn to Big Show and Sheamus to create some memorable battles.

Their feud in 2012 led to an impressive match at Hell in a Cell and the enduring image of Sheamus clobbering Big Show with a chair at Survivor Series.  

Whether WWE dips into the past or has newer stars like Harper and Rusev challenge Sheamus, the result is sure to be a series of matches like barroom brawls. The U.S. title will be the reason gladiators step into the arena, where Sheamus is most at home.