WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Triple H, Kevin Nash and More

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 20, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The Kliq inspired the lion's share of the latest WWE rumors, as word of Superstars' perceptions of Triple H and Kevin Nash's possible Hall of Fame induction created buzz over the week. 

On screen, Triple H is hated, the corporate tyrant who won't hesitate to deliver a beatdown. In real life, though, he's developing a positive reputation among the members of the roster. As for the man he once got in trouble for hugging, he could soon add "Hall of Famer" to his resume.

The incessant obsession over CM Punk and the slim chance of a Nation of Domination revival provided the other two big stories making their way around the Internet.

We start with the latter, a bit of speculation emerging, thanks to Rusev's recent pattern of enemies.


Nation of Domination II

In his short time on the main roster, Rusev has targeted R-Truth, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. That has led to several theories, including that perhaps Rusev's dislike for Americans is particularly strong toward a certain type of American.

It apparently has also birthed the idea that WWE is working to recreate the Nation of Domination stable from the Attitude Era.

Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline, via PWMania.com, reported that someone suggested to him by someone "within WWE that perhaps the company is planning on doing a new storyline similar to the Nation of Domination."

Before we start deciding who would be the present-day equivalent of The Rock, Mark Henry and Ron Simmons, it's best to look at the wording. Alvarez says that "perhaps" WWE is planning this concept. It sounds like it's an item sitting on the board of ideas backstage, at best.

With so many of those would-be Nation of Domination members currently residing near the bottom of the card, it makes sense in terms of lifting them up. It feels unlikely to happen in today's climate, though. There are certainly ways to book a group built around Black Power in the PG Era, but it feels like something WWE would shy away from.

If it does happen, Woods has already made his preference clear about who he doesn't want in the group.


Class of 2015

Still nearly a full year away from the 2015 Hall of Fame ceremony, several names are already rumored to be possible entrants. Mickie James, Rikishi and The Rock were the first of those names, per F4WOnline, via Wrestling Inc. Add one more to that list.

According to F4WOnline, via PW Mania, "Kevin Nash is also on the 'maybe' list for next year."

That would put all three founding members of the nWo in, with Nash following Scott Hall's induction this year. Nash was also a WWE champ, a tag team titleholder and a huge part of WWE in the '90s.

He makes sense as a Hall of Famer for those reasons, but almost as importantly, he has a good relationship with Triple H and WWE itself. It took so long for Bruno Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior to get in because of tension between the two sides.

That won't be an issue with "Big Daddy Cool" at all. Of the rumored names out so far, Nash is the safest bet other than The Rock.


Crazy for CM Punk 

Before fans chanted Punk's name in London's O2 Arena during Monday's Raw, there was buzz about him possibly appearing on the show. That is thanks to fans not being able to let go of the idea of Punk coming back and a photo of him making its way around the Internet.

Fans claimed to have spotted "The Best in the World" in London before the show, sharing this same picture.

The problem is that photo is from 2012

Punk obviously didn't return on Monday's Raw. A lot of fans didn't buy the idea that he was coming back, but those most hungry to see him roundhouse kick folks again had a sliver of hope in their hearts. 

Fans chanted for him during the show, some four months after he left and with little reason to believe he'll be back anytime soon. That energy would be better spent elsewhere.


Triple H, COO

For now, it seems Triple H can play "good cop," as Vince McMahon remains WWE's kingpin and "bad cop."

The slow shift in power from father-in-law to son-in-law means that Triple H has a lot of say, but McMahon has final say. That is reportedly creating some issues.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Inc, reports the following:

WWE talents are becoming increasingly frustrated because they are at first told a certain direction by Triple H and then Triple H ends up having to get with the talent again and explain what he told them before has been changed, because of Vince.

This isn't turning out to be a bad thing for Triple H as the WWE talents, for the most part, see him as one of them and they believe that he's also frustrated when things get changed.

That's great news for Triple H as he continues to move from the ring to the boardroom. It's not surprising to hear he is viewed that way because he is in fact "one of them." He clawed his way out of obscurity into a headliner role. 

Apparently, that's getting him some leeway and clout with talent, although the dynamic will be much different when Triple H is the clear-cut boss. Not that "The Game" has to worry about that. McMahon has said he's "probably never going to die."