Honestly, What's With Jeff Hardy?

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Honestly, What's With Jeff Hardy?
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Everyone is speculating that Jeff Hardy is going to leave the WWE. But what if that's not the case? Here is the Staying side and Leaving side to it:

Staying in the WWE

If Jeff signs a contract to stay with the WWE, then we could see Jeff taking time off to rest up, work with his band and also his art workings.

The WWE will come out and say that he was seriously injured in a match preferably a PPV and he won't return for a while. But that's not the reason.

Look at his fanbase, when he was the WWE Champion he was getting greater responses from the crowds then any other superstar that has been ever on the WWE rosters.

To lose that momentum that he has had over the last year would just be plain stupid. I'm hinting at least half a year of a break for Jeff Hardy. I think that's what he really needs right now with what's been going on.

With the pop he has been receiving lately, Jeff wont be returning on a Smackdown episode its going to be more like this.....who's going to be the 30th entrant in this ROYAL RUMBLE? 3,2,1 (SILENCE FOLLOWED BY "NO MORE WORDS")...NO IT CAN'T BE....IT IS. JEFF HARDY HAS RETURNED!!, JEFF HARDY HAS RETURNED!!! Your winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble JEFF HARDY!!!!

You see if he stays with the WWE and takes that time off that's a possibility of what could happen.

Leaving the WWE

If Jeff decides to not sign on, then what we could possibly see is he won't return for at least three years. For the WWE, they won't want to do that.

Pretty much the economic crisis and the way that Jeff Hardy's merchandise has been sold it's making Vince really happy.

Jeff is the reason Smackdown bring in big numbers, not CM Punk not Edge, Mysterio brings the Hispanic side but mainly Jeff. Smackdown in three year's time would go down the toilet.

If he does decide to come back in three years, he will have to start from the bottom again acting out as a jobber and then by almost retirement age he'll get a chance of being a world champion again.

So guys that's my little rant you can say what you like. But I believe Jeff's not leaving, he is just taking a spell until the time is right.

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