Seth Rollins Is Beginning to Outgrow The Shield with Performances

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2014


When examining and analyzing the development of The Shield, each of the three men appears to have had his own moment in the spotlight.

Dean Ambrose won singles gold early on during The Shield's first few months on the main roster and quickly became the man whom many people were talking about.

Then there was the upturn in form for Roman Reigns around the back end of last yearkicked off by his dominant performance at Survivor Series. He backed that up at the Royal Rumble with a record-breaking performance, leaving everyone certain he should split from the group.

Thankfully though, that didn't happen, allowing the trio to develop as a group to exciting heightssuch heights that have seen them become the hottest stable in the company. In fact, they are one of the hottest tag teams in years.

And the man who was so often regarded as the quiet member of the group has become their top dog. Seth Rollins' transformation over the last few months has been remarkable, and we can now see just how talented he is.

Not that he wasn't talented before, of course. But some creative freedom has seen Rollins fully expose his daredevil attitude and put his body on the line like never before.

Rollins is moving forward with such exhilarating pace that he is almost starting to outgrow Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with his magnificent performances. At Payback, Rollins will once again show the world that he is the brightest member of the group by some distance.


A repeat of that remarkable segment at the end of The Shield's match with Evolution at Extreme Rules would only further confirm that theory. The lifespan of the group is a huge talking point among wrestling fans, and Rollins could have a huge impact on the future of the group.

And it is not just that match at Extreme Rules where we have seen Rollins shine, either. The segment where he completely destroyed all three members of The Wyatt Family with some outstanding bravery was great to watch, and began to convince people that Rollins is very much a star.

He was almost hamstrung during The Shield's early days, partly due to his run as one half of the tag team champions with Roman Reigns. That division is incredibly threadbare in terms of top talent, and it is only when Rollins has mixed it with top stars that we have seen him fulfill his huge potential.

If he continues to motor on at serious speed Rollins will simply become too big for The Shield. Hopefully that will not happenbut we should not wish for Rollins to fail. He is a future champion in the making and has all the ability to go to the very top.

Six months ago, the consensus that Seth Rollins would be the leading light in The Shield would have been unthinkable. However, the face turn the group have gone through has confirmed that Rollins is the star of the groupand he is proving that each and every week.