Passionate London Crowd Will Determine Success of Adam Rose Gimmick

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2014


Adam Rose's early days in the WWE have been mixed, to say the least. He arrived with his entourage to interrupt Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter while they were cutting a promo on foreigners, but things have been a bit flat since then.

For starters, he hasn't even stepped into the ring to wrestle, which is a bit of a shame.

How the WWE feels it can push Rose substantially without letting the fans see what a talent he is seems bizarre. That may change in the coming weeks, though.

With his gimmick fairly fresh and unique, the opportunity cannot be lost. Rose clearly has something about him, and there may be an opinion that a feud with Swagger will not do anything worthwhile for either man.

However, Rose's potential and character will be put to the ultimate test during the WWE's current tour of Europeand in particular, the United Kingdom.

With a televised taping of Raw taking place in Londona place that is notorious for loud, passionate crowdsRose's gimmick could either be proved as a success or failure.

There will be huge heat and huge cheers for several starswith perhaps the likes of Bad News Barrett and Dolph Ziggler getting the loudest reactions of anyone in attendance, for differing reasons.

Barrett is no doubt going to receive a remarkable reaction in his home country, which is somewhat obvious. In many ways, the way Barrett has slowly built up his gimmick could give Rose cause for optimism.

In these days, it takes a great deal to get the crowd into you straight away. It takes months and months of working, both inside and outside of the ring.

The reaction Rose gets when he emerges to either cut a promo or compete will be a telling one and give the company an idea of what Rose could be. After all, he is an overseas star who will be competing in an overseas country, so there should be some element of chemistry.

Couple that with the fact Colter will no doubt cut a vitriolic promo on the United Kingdom crowd, and it should give the South African a chance to respond and work the crowd in a way he hasn't before.

It is going to be an important night for Rose, who has really failed to live up to the hype we saw in his constant promo vignettes leading up to his ultimately flat debut. It is certainly not too late for Rose's gimmick to succeedfar from it, in fact. But the WWE will want to see some reactions from the crowd in the coming weeks to give a big clue as to whether the whole project is going to succeed.

Often in the infancy of a WWE career, there are defining nights that can launch your career into stardomor send it catapulting into failure. The edition of Raw that will be taped in London should give us the first real clue as to how successful Rose can be with the company.