Oklahoma Compliance Department Rules 'Super Shot' Is Not an NCAA Violation

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2014


NCAA violations are no laughing matter, which means student-athletes need to be very careful whenever they are trying to have some fun.

Occasionally, the student-athletes are able to laugh at the rules.

Oklahoma basketball player James Fraschilla—the son of ESPN's Fran Fraschilla—had some fun with the NCAA with regard to what may be considered a violation. After winning a lot of tickets for playing "Super Shot," Fraschilla trolled the NCAA with an awesome tweet.

Luckily, Oklahoma's compliance department saw nothing wrong with this activity:

This may seem silly, but don't forget that some Oklahoma student-athletes got in trouble last year for eating too much pasta.

[James Fraschilla, OU Compliance; h/t Lost Lettermen]