Tennessee Football Fans Paint Football Field for the Ultimate Vols Wedding

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 19, 2014


There’s crazy and then there’s “model the biggest moment of my life after a sports team” crazy. Robby Lowe falls into the latter of these two categories.

A Tennessee Volunteers superfan, Lowe created a miniature replica of the field at Neyland Stadium for his wedding ceremony—a strictly all-Tennessee-everything event.

Clay Travis of FoxSports.com spotted pictures of Lowe’s wedding setup, which included goal posts, pylons and seats in the red zone. It puts all other weddings to shame.

Lowe also tweeted, "say I do. and go vols" at the Volunteers football program.

The couple even went as far as modeling their invitations after game tickets, which should be mandatory for all weddings from now on.

The only thing that concerns me here is “Lowe vs. Humphrey.” It’s a bit early in the going to be setting up for the big showdown, isn't it? That matchup should be six years from now, when their kid shoves his PSP in the garbage disposal.

Either way, the Volunteers just laid down the thunder on fan weddings. Your move, ‘Bama.


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