Report: WWE Considering Rehashing Attitude Era Stable?

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2014


The more attentive WWE fans will have noticed how Rusev has been squashing his way up the card in the last month or so since he made his debut on the main roster.

Some of those victories have been against guys like Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, with Rusev's latest feud being a much more worthwhile program with Big E. Big E just dropped the Intercontinental Championship and is still pretty over, so that rivalry represents a big step up for Rusev in terms of opposition.

However, there is seemingly a plan behind the choosing of Rusev's opponents, as Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline (h/t Marc Middleton of reports:

Bryan Alvarez of noted that it was suggested to someone by him within WWE that perhaps the company is planning on doing a new storyline similar to the Nation of Domination. This isn't a confirmed plan or anything but it was mentioned by someone in WWE when talking about how Rusev had wins over Xavier Woods, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, and is now apparently feuding with Big E.

This would be an interesting angle if the reports turn out to be true and would be a decent way of freshening up the careers of people like Kofi Kingston. 

In fact, the whole concept seems incredibly radical.

That stable took a while to get going back in the days of the Attitude Era, and it wasn't until Farooq proclaimed he was making the Nation "bigger, badder, better and blacker" that things really started to take off. The Rock was brought in alongside Farooq and D-Lo Brown, as was Kama Mustafa. That is perhaps the most popular incarnation of the stable.

With the likes of Kingston, Big E, R-Truth and Xavier Woods all struggling at the moment, it would be interesting to see how successful this could be. If the company were to go radical and bring someone like Farooq back to oversee the development of the stable, it could really help to relaunch several careers that have been failing for the past couple of years.

Any concept that has a link to the Attitude Era is bound to be successful. Recreating the Nation of Domination in 2014 would be one of the most intriguing ideas the company has thrown out in recent years.