WWE Must Improve Daniel Bryan's Booking Upon His Return

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 19, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

When Daniel Bryan returns from his neck surgery later in the year, Vince McMahon and his team of writers absolutely have to improve on his current booking.

It would be hard for even the staunchest WWE supporter to look at Bryan’s booking since WrestleMania XXX—when he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship—and claim it’s been good.

WWE’s first error may have been bringing in Brie—Bryan’s real-life wife—in as his new manager. OK, so they’re together and everyone knows it, but is putting them in a storyline together on screen really a good idea?

Credit: WWE.com

John Cena isn’t constantly associated with real-life partner Nikki Bella on Raw and SmackDown, and he’s far better off for it.

What does Brie really bring to the act, anyway? Bryan works far better when he’s on his own.

Brie’s not-so-stellar acting skills aren’t exactly helping matters either. Granted, the material isn’t quite Emmy Award worthy, but she’s simply not convincing in her role.

Credit: WWE.com

And as amazing as it sounds, there isn’t actually that much chemistry between them. They’re the total opposite of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth in many respects.

Of course, the real problem has been Bryan’s disastrous feud with Kane.

Kane doesn’t have a track record of having great feuds, to put it mildly. And this program with Bryan over the belt hasn’t been good, either.

Indeed, some of their segments together—most notably, the one which involved a panicked Bryan and Brie attempting to get their car started while Kane pursued them, Jason Voorhees-style—have been awful.

This whole thing is like a low-budget, low-quality B-movie slasher flick (I Know What You Did Last Summer Slam or Jason DX are potential titles if WWE is looking for any). 

And why exactly is the world champion running away from a challenger? Would Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan have ever done that?

OK, so you could argue that Brie is there, but if Bryan really wants to protect her, why doesn’t he just send her home or make her wait back at the hotel? Where is his common sense?

Credit: WWE.com

The Bryan/Kane match at Extreme Rules, which featured glass, fire, a forklift and too many weapons to count, was ridiculous too. Should a man generally considered to be one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet really be participating in sloppy garbage brawls?

It’s not hyperbole to say Bryan has emerged from his feud with Kane looking weak and lacking in credibility. WWE absolutely need to drop this feud, for the good of Bryan’s future.

Credit: WWE.com

Put him in a program with another heel—Bray Wyatt or Cesaro spring to mind. Bryan needs to get away from the cartoonish angles and be placed back in serious, competitive feuds.

Distancing Brie from him in the storylines would be a nice idea too. There’s no good that can come from continually pairing them in angles.