Breaking Down What Rumored Signee Prince Devitt Would Bring to WWE Roster

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 19, 2014

Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling

A jolt of electricity in Prince Devitt is reportedly joining WWE.

Devitt's rumored move from New Japan Pro Wrestling to WWE is one that will inject excitement and a taste of Japanese-style wrestling into the company's programming and add depth to the roster.

PWInsider, via Wrestle Zone, reported that, "WWE has officially inked a deal with former New Japan Pro Wrestling star Fergal 'Prince' Devitt." According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Inc, "Devitt is expected to arrive in WWE developmental this August."

Those reports seem to confirm what has been rumored for months, but Devitt mocked word of his signing on Twitter, leaving doubt in fans' minds.

If he is indeed headed to WWE, the company will get a superb athlete and a spark plug who will remind many folks of Daniel Bryan.

The handsome Irishman doesn't look much like a wrestler at first glance. He's about 5'11'' and 179 pounds and is certainly not going to be confused with Sheamus in terms of build. Like with Bryan, though, his athletic ability and mat wizardry quickly turn the discussion away from his size.

Devitt's speed is one of the first things about him that grabs hold of an audience.

He zips across the ring seemingly with little effort. His quickness is displayed in many of the most thrilling moves in his arsenal, from the diving foot stomp to the Tope Con Giro.

This part of his game alone will have him spend but a short time in WWE developmental before stunning crowds on the main roster. The "Real Shooter" has more to offer than just high-flying moves, though.

His matches blend mat wrestling with hard strikes, aerial moves with quality selling. He has training in submission wrestling as well.

WWE can have great confidence that he will compose great matches against a variety of opponents. Put him against Bryan, Cesaro, Sami Zayn or Alberto Del Rio and count on greatness. His NJPW resume says as much.

Devitt has already proven that he and Adrian Neville (PAC) have great chemistry.

The more high-impact elements of Devitt's repertoire will likely be toned down in WWE. Vince McMahon doesn't want his talent dropping on their heads the way wrestlers do in Japan, for example. Still, the effect of working for eight years in Japan doesn't just fade away.

Bryan, Zayn, Neville and Cesaro have all worked and succeeded in WWE. Those wrestlers certainly have other influences, but they brought back traces of Japan's hard-hitting style with them. 

Devitt will as well. Expect him to bring a toughness that belies his size and an intensity that is required to make an impact in Japanese promotions.

In a match against Low-Ki (Kaval), one can see that at work. He chops Low-Ki viciously. His front dropkicks smack against his foes's chest, much like Bryan's version of the move does.

There is a natural comparison to Bryan not only because of their similar sizes but, more importantly, because of the energy both men pour into their matches. A huge part of why Bryan won over the WWE fanbase is that he flings himself at his opponents, giving so much of himself every time the bell rings.

Devitt shares that trait.

Consider that element along with his wrestling ability, high-flying excellence and his affinity for body paint, and it's no wonder that fans and writers alike are already buzzing about his arrival. 

Alex Greenfield, formerly a member of WWE Creative, had praise aplenty to hand out. columnist Greg DeMarco is already willing to shell out some money to see Devitt in action.

Devitt isn't going to be as coveted by the WWE as bigger wrestlers like Roman Reigns, but he will bolster the roster. Adding him gives Zayn a possible archenemy, another foe for "The Swiss Superman" to shine against, and gives the booking team an experienced, talented and engaging talent to plug into a variety of feuds.

WWE's interest in Devitt is surprising because of his size, but it's smart because of his energy and skills. Bringing Devitt aboard assures WWE great matches, elevating the talent level of the roster by way of a human lightning bolt.