Cristiano Ronaldo Poses Naked with Irina Shayk for 'Vogue Espana' Magazine

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterMay 19, 2014


Cristiano Ronaldo, currently the world's best footballer, and Irina Shayk, currently one of the world's most sought-after supermodels, are a pretty potent power couple. So the pair appearing in Vogue Espana this month has captured plenty of attention.

Ronaldo is standing in the buff behind Shayk in the cover image:

Tres nombres siderales, Cristiano Ronaldo, @theirishayk y @mariotestino. En el número de junio

— Vogue España (@VogueSpain) May 19, 2014

Meanwhile, a series of further pictures appear showing the pair in different poses:

Cristiano Ronaldo e Irina Shayk para VOUGE en España (1)

— Cristiano Ronaldo (@CRonaldoTime) May 19, 2014

But perhaps our favourite image is this one of what we can only imagine is a typical day for the couple at home in Madrid: 

Ronaldo and Irina Shayk photoshoot in Spanish Vogue is like a posh version of the Redknapps Thomas Cook ad

— Mark Patterson (@MarkPattersonBR) May 19, 2014

Ronaldo juggling a football in a suit, Shayk wearing a practical dress and standing relaxed beside him. So like us.