Richard Scudamore Reportedly Targeted by F1 as Bernie Ecclestone Successor

Matt JonesFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2014

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 23:   Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore addresses the media during the Premier League and the FA Facilities Fund Launch at The London Nautical School on October 23, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Formula One could appoint Richard Scudamore as its president if he's to be relieved of his duties by the Premier League.

The current chief executive of the division could be sacked following an audit and renumeration committee, which is investigating alleged “sexist” remarks made in private emails, per Matthew Drake of The Mirror.

But according to a source at CVC—the private equity firm that owns F1—Scudamore would be the ideal man to replace current president Bernie Ecclestone, per Jonathan McEvoy of the Mail Online:

TV rights deals are F1’s lifeblood. That is what Bernie has been brilliant at. That is what Richard Scudamore is brilliant at.

If we can’t have Bernie, we need someone like Scudamore. We have never thought he would be available, but if he is that would be worth very serious consideration indeed.

Ecclestone has also found himself in hot water of late, and is under investigation for alleged bribery, a charge the F1 tycoon denies.

Ecclestone could be on his way out of F1 should he be found guilty of bribery.
Ecclestone could be on his way out of F1 should he be found guilty of bribery.Pool/Getty Images

If the 83-year-old is eventually found guilty of these charges, he will be relieved of his duties with immediate effect, per McEvoy’s piece. But even if he was to be cleared, given his advancing years, Ecclestone will surely step aside from his role atop of the sport sooner rather than later.

For Scudamore, a move into a field as illustrious as F1 would cushion the blow should he be sacked by the Premier League. From a business perspective, it would undoubtedly be a savvy move from the F1 chiefs, as Scudamore has showcased an unshakeable drive to help establish the Premier League as a marketable, global product in his 15 years as chief executive.

Granted, not all of his ideas have been a success, most notably the "39th game" proposal, per the Press Association via The Guardian, but in his role he's showcased substantial acumen and a willingness to be creative. 

Scudamore has helped establish the Premier League as a global brand. Could he do the same for F1?
Scudamore has helped establish the Premier League as a global brand. Could he do the same for F1?MATT DUNHAM/Associated Press

F1 has looked to spread its wings in recent years, and Scudamore has the nous to help expedite that process. Whilst his reputation may be tarnished following the emergence of these emails, high-profile sports like F1 need to make ruthless decisions based primarily on business. And if Scudamore became available, his acquisition would be a major coup.

It's fair to suspect that if F1 were looking to get him on board, it would do so immediately, helping to quash any developing hyperbole regarding his potential dismissal from the Premier League and to allow the sport to continue its expansion as a global brand.