Alicia Fox Has Shined in Divas Division with Limited Spotlight

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2014


Alicia Fox suffered a predictable loss to reigning Divas champion Paige in a recent outing on Raw. Thus far, WWE has tried hard to acclimate Paige to the WWE Universe after she won the Divas title in her first match.

After an initial win that has been difficult, if not impossible, to top, Paige's run has been something of a reintroduction. Prior to her match, WWE aired a brief but informative video package for Paige. But following her most recent victory, it wasn't Paige who was being reintroduced to the WWE.

It was Alicia Fox.

Fox proceeded to throw an epic temper tantrum. The fact that the announcers were reportedly not in on the post-match meltdown, per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via PWMania), made for an even better scene.

She spilled energy drinks, tore apart a table and flipped out in ways WWE Divas are not supposed to flip out. Fans of the Attitude Era immediately thought of Bret Hart's own ringside tantrum in his home country of Canada following the Montreal Screwjob.

Fans of today immediately thought of Solange in an elevator with Jay Z.

In a division with very limited television time—where Divas matches are often comical extensions of storylines from E!'s Total Divas—Alicia Fox managed to stand out.

Lost in the entertainment of Fox's post-match conniption fit was the fact that she continued to impress in the ring.

Possibly WWE's best-kept secret, Fox has not only excelled in the WWE style (a slower-paced style of injecting personality into each move while working the crowd in between) of wrestling, she has mastered working as a heel.

Focusing on facial expressions, trash-talking and high-impact wrestling moves such as the backbreaker, Fox is able to draw sympathy for the babyface. This is among the heel's chief goals.

Despite babyface Paige's endless potential to be the greatest Diva of all time, we've seen the young Diva bomb against lesser opponents such as Aksana.

Against Fox, however, Paige has a foil who immediately makes her likable by default—not to mention the two have chemistry. Following a match against Paige on the April 14 episode of Raw, curmudgeon PWTorch columnist James Caldwell described the output as a, "fine match establishing Paige's credibility in the ring on the way to facing tougher competition."

During the most recent contest between the two, Caldwell described Fox "beating [Paige] up in a variety of ways as the crowd tried to get behind Paige."

Fox's brand of wrestling with moxie will create a villain for Paige, allowing her to evolve her wrestling career. There's something about an emotionally unstable female we all love to hate, and Alicia Fox performs this role expertly. To really push Paige as an underdog babyface, she'll need to eventually drop the Divas championship and chase a credible villain.

To fill that role, WWE should look no further than Alicia Fox.


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