Oliver Perez: Pitcher Or BP Thrower

Mike SimmonsCorrespondent IApril 30, 2008

After today's (4/30/08) horrifying start, Mets fans should start wondering, "Was he worth Xavier Nady?"

The answer to that is, no.

I mean, he was a 15-game winner last year along with John Maine, and it's only one start, but I mean, come on. Every pitch he threw was one that an elementary school travel-team kid could hit out of Minute Maid Park.

He only went 1.2 innings in today's start, and was charged with SEVEN runs. Now, back to Xavier Nady.

As soon as the Mets dealt him in 2006, Nady caught fire (.300 avg and 20 HR). On the other hand, when Perez arrived he, took some time in order to achieve a quality start.

Another thing that really pissed me off personally, was when Roberto Hernandez (acquired along with Perez) was released at the end of the season. If Omar had any brains, he would have brought him back along with Chad Bradford, who just so happened to be a staple in the bullpen in 2006.

A part of this deal that nobody understands is when Omar traded Nady, whether or not he was planning for 2007 in any way, because as soon as Nady was traded, the Mets had prospects playing right field, and then they got Shawn Green, who also was inconsistent.

Now, there is one trade possibility open; Nady for Perez and Heilman to the Pirates, who desperately need pitching help.