Mark Pavelich Sells 'Miracle on Ice' Gold Medal for $262,900 at Auction

Ken ChinSocial Media StaffMay 18, 2014

Heritage Auctions

Some possessions are worth more than money, but "Miracle on Ice" Team USA member Mark Pavelich decided to part with his 1980 Winter Olympic gold medal for the hefty sum of $262,900. 

Pavelich explained his reasoning for parting with his medal to Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog: 

“I’m doing a lot for my daughter here,” he said. “I want her to get a step forward in life. That’s probably the biggest reason.” 

That's a big leg up for Pavelich's daughter. According to the former New York Ranger, despite not owning the medal any longer, no one can take away the pride from that amazing gold-medal run in 1980. 

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