Georges St-Pierre Loves...

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJune 25, 2009

Since becoming a fan of Georges St-Pierre and "meeting him" through the eyes of his manager Shari Spencer, there are a few things I know about him.

One is that he loves his family, his heritage, and close circle of friends.

Many have questioned his private "love life."

He has other loves that are known, but frequently overlooked in the rush of all the questions about his fights.

One of his loves is his fans.

This love was demonstrated by the faith and confidence he placed in them to design and then pick out his new logo that will follow him through the rest of his fighting career.

Over 1,300 designs were submitted to the contest.

That left a lot of decisions to be made.

When all except for the ten top entries were culled, who but his fans did Georges trust with the job of determining the winner.

What an honor that was!

My family and I took part and submitted several entries. We then registered and asked our friends to register on Georges' site to vote on the ultimate winner.

We are proud that the logo we voted on won the contest.

As I mentioned in another article, Raymond De Ramos—a college student from Ontario, submitted the lucky entry and won first place in the contest.

Raymond won, among other prizes, the right to attend UFC 100 and the after party that Georges is throwing following the fight.

Unlike his previous after parties, this one will be dedicated to the "other love" that I know Georges has, his GSP Foundation for kids.

To make money for this worthy cause, which is Georges' effort to give something back to society, 50 places at the event will be auctioned off at his site, and all proceeds will go to his foundation.

For this occasion, Georges hopes that this more limited and intimate meeting with just fifty of his fans will benefit his foundation and show the world how much he cares.

Since Georges was a youth he dreamed of someday becoming the best fighter in the MMA world.  And, in a way, he is now offering encouragement to other young people with a dream to help them make the dream a reality.

What a wonderful gesture for him to make when so many had ridiculed him and said he would never reach his own dream.

No matter who wins the Welterweight title on July 11, Georges has finally reached the top and made his dreams come true.

I hope the young people who are aided in achieving their dreams realize the love and determination Georges has put into using his celebrity status to raise the money to make their dreams come to fruition.

Georges St-Pierre is quite a Champion.

The picture above was painted by Brian Fox, a very fine artist.  I have met him through Georges and am very impressed with his talent as displayed above.