WWE Payback 2014: Evolution vs. The Shield Should Have an Extra Stipulation

Tom BeasleyAnalyst IMay 18, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The highlight of WWE Extreme Rules 2014 was the epic battle between two of the most dominant stables in the history of professional wrestling. Evolution and The Shield both left everything in the ring as they fought an incredibly personal war.

The Shield managed to come out victorious, but this wasn't enough to keep its opponents down. A rematch is set for the Payback pay-per-view on June 1 in Chicago.

It's going to be almost impossible for the two teams to top their previous battle under normal rules. It is for this reason that a special stipulation must be added to their upcoming match.

There are a number of possible gimmick matches that could add a real spice to the contest.


Elimination Tag Team Match

I suggested this as a possible addition to the Extreme Rules match last month, but it feels even more appropriate now.

Credit: WWE.com

The whole battle between Evolution and The Shield keeps coming back to the numbers game. There also seemed to be hints in Triple H's promo on Raw that the plan was to take down the members of The Shield one by one.

This stipulation also plays into the booking style of WWE Creative by suggesting an Evolution victory. The last match between the two teams showed that Evolution was at its best when isolating a single member of The Shield rather than having to face the entire trio. The elimination format means that the "Hounds of Justice" could find themselves whittled down over time.


Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

This particular gimmick match is always a real hit with crowds. The WWE usually saves these matches for the TLC PPV at the end of the year, but this could be too good an opportunity to miss.

The Shield has already shown prowess in these matches, having fought an excellent TLC match with Team Hell No and Ryback at TLC 2012. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are capable of excellent high spots, with Batista and Roman Reigns likely to throw all manner of people through tables.

A TLC match at Payback would be an excellent way to escalate this rivalry to its next level.


Chicago Street Fight

Payback is set in Chicago, home to one of the best wrestling crowds in the business. These two teams will be able to pop the crowd whatever happens, but a truly local-match stipulation would really get the match over.

In previous matches, such as the aforementioned TLC bout, The Shield has shown how well it can go to work with weapons in its hands. Evolution also has a history of thriving when the gloves are off and there are no rules.

This match could allow both teams to let loose in every way.



Credit: WWE.com

Whatever happens at Payback, the feud between The Shield and Evolution has to be taken to the next level. An Elimination Tag Team match would be the best way to give Evolution the upper hand in the rivalry to keep it moving.

It also leaves room for even further escalation, such as a TLC match in the future. These two teams have been shown to hate each other so much that two PPV matches simply aren't enough. When Evolution goes over at Payback, there will have to be a rubber match.

Either way, this is one of the WWE's most exciting feuds. It deserves an innovative stipulation.