Twitter Reacts to Arsenal Breaking 9-Year Trophy Drought with FA Cup Win

Gianni VerschuerenFeatured ColumnistMay 17, 2014

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 17:  Despair for Hull City  as Per Mertesacker (4), Wojciech Szczesny (1), Laurent Koscielny (6) and Mesut Oezil of Arsenal (11) celebrate victory after the FA Cup with Budweiser Final match between Arsenal and Hull City at Wembley Stadium on May 17, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Arsenal finally ended one of the most painful trophy droughts in club history on Saturday, beating Hull City 3-2 after extra time in a hard-fought FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium.

Two early goals sent social media into a frenzy, as sloppy set-piece defending from the Gunners gave the Tigers a surprising two-goal lead within the first 10 minutes.

The Big Lead's Tyler Duffy tore Arsenal's zonal marking to shreds:

A superb free-kick from Santi Cazorla gave life to the Gunners, who spent most of the first half running into an orange wall. Hull City defended masterfully, but the pressure from the Gunners appeared to be mounting.

It wouldn't lead to any goals before half-time, however, and during the second half, Arsenal's strikers seemed to have a serious problem locating the goal. Both Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo repeatedly missed the mark, as fans of the Gunners could feel the weight of history ever mounting on their shoulders.

When centre-back Laurent Koscielny finally equalised with 20 minutes left on the clock, Wembley Stadium went into a Frenzy. Even the people running Arsenal's official Twitter account couldn't hide their excitement:

With the game tied at 2-2 after 90 minutes, fans all over the world felt they had aged years during the span of a single match. Gary Lineker thought the extra time would be very important for the future of one man in particular.

So when Aaron Ramsey finally gave Arsenal the goal that would ultimately end a trophy drought that went on for nearly nine years, the stadium truly exploded.

Rafael Hernandez thought it was a fitting way for the Gunners' season to end:

And after 120 minutes of drama, Arsenal's nightmare was finally over.

As pointed out by Soccer Guy, Arsenal immediately became London's most decorated club of the past season:

Grantland's Bill Barnwell couldn't help but point out it had been a while since Arsenal last won a trophy:

Piers Morgan seemed quite happy with the win:

Gary Lineker also added his congratulations:

NBC Sports' Arlo White thought the way the team fought back truly made them deserving of such a monumental win:

ITV's Charlene White noticed people truly had a strong reaction toward the news:

Parody account Sky Sporfs News thinks it's high time to reset the clock:

Incredibly enough, the FA Cup win will set the team up with a chance to add a second trophy shortly, as the Gunners will play Premier League champions Manchester City for the Community Shield at the start of the 2014-15 season.

Arsenal suffered through a difficult season, with a late drop in the Premier League standings and several embarrassing losses, including a 6-0 beating at the hands of Chelsea.

Yet on Saturday, all of that became irrelevant. Congratulations, Arsenal fans—the wait is over. After nine long years, we can finally call the Gunners FA Cup champions. And boy, that will take some getting used to.