NBA Combine 2014 Results: Day 2 Measurements, Highlights and Top Prospects

Sean ODonnellContributor IIIMay 16, 2014

As the 2014 NBA draft draws closer, franchises and scouts will take every possible advantage to get a closer look at some of their coveted prospects.

The NBA Draft Combine allows them to do just that.

Despite the absences of some of the draft's top prospects—namely Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid—there's plenty of top-tier talent available for on-court workouts and interviews.

Even though the NBA combine doesn't hold as much weight as the NFL's spectacle, there are plenty of elements that will play big roles in a prospect's draft status.

We had our first glimpse of these prospects in action during Day 1 of the combine, and now that Day 2 has concluded, let's take a look at some of Friday's top highlights and storylines.



2014 NBA Draft Combine Measurements
NamePositionHeight w/o ShoesHeight w/ ShoesWeightWingspan
P.J. HairstonSG6' 4.25''6' 5.25"228.06' 9.00''
Jordan AdamsSG6' 3.50''6' 4.75''208.86' 10.00''
James YoungSG6' 5.25''6' 6.75''213.37' 0.00''
C.J. WilcoxSG6' 3.50''6' 5.00"201.06' 9.75''
Jordan McRaeSG6' 3.75''6' 5.25"179.47' 0.50''
Markel BrownSG6' 2.50''6' 3.50"184.46' 8.75''
Jabari BrownSG6' 3.00''6' 4.25''201.96' 8.25''
Devyn MarbleSG6' 5.00''6' 6.50''192.46' 9.00''
Zach LaVineSG6' 4.50''6' 5.75''180.96' 8.25''
Sean KilpatrickSG6' 2.50''6' 4.25''218.76' 7.00''
Dante ExumSG6' 4.50''6' 6.00''196.36' 9.50''
Nick JohnsonSG6' 1.50''6' 3.00"198.06' 7.25''
Nik StauskasSG6' 5.25''6' 6.50''206.96' 7.75''
Joe HarrisSG6' 4.75''6' 6.25"215.06' 6.00''
Gary HarrisSG6' 2.50''6' 4.50"204.86' 6.75''
Lamar PattersonSG6' 4.00''6' 5.25''226.06' 11.00''
Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF6' 5.25''6' 6.25''205.27' 0.00''
Rodney HoodSF6' 7.25''6' 8.50"208.26' 8.50''
C.J. FairSF6' 6.50''6' 8.00''218.16' 9.50''
Kyle AndersonSF6' 7.50''6' 8.50''230.17' 2.75''
Melvin EjimSF6' 5.25''6' 7.00''218.56' 11.75''
Cleanthony EarlySF6' 6.00''6' 7.25''209.46' 10.75''
Jerami GrantSF6' 6.50''6' 7.75''214.07' 2.75''
LaQuinton RossSF6' 6.50''6' 7.50''238.77' 1.75''
K.J. McDanielsSF6' 4.50''6' 6.00''195.66' 11.25''
Doug McDermottSF6' 6.25''6' 7.75"218.06' 9.25''
Glenn Robinson IIISF6' 5.50''6' 6.78''211.46' 10.00''
T.J. WarrenSF6' 7.00''6' 8.25''220.26' 10.25''
DeAndre DanielsSF6' 7.25''6' 8.50''196.07' 2.00''
Kendall WilliamsPG6' 2.25''6' 3.75''183.06' 5.50''
Tyler EnnisPG6' 1.00''6' 2.50''181.56' 7.25''
Deonte BurtonPG6' 0.00''6' 1.25''192.86' 7.00''
Marcus SmartPG6' 2.00''6' 3.25''227.26' 9.25''
Jahii CarsonPG5' 9.75''5' 11.00"179.66' 2.00''
Semaj ChristonPG6' 1.50''6' 3.25"186.06' 6.50''
Jordan ClarksonPG6' 3.25''6' 5.00''186.36' 8.00''
Aaron CraftPG6' 0.75''6' 1.75''191.66' 2.00''
Xavier ThamesPG6' 2.25''6' 3.50''187.06' 4.00''
Spencer DinwiddiePG6' 4.50''6' 6.00''204.96' 8.25''
DeAndre KanePG6' 2.75''6' 4.50''199.96' 8.00''
Shabazz NapierPG5' 11.00''6' 1.00"175.26' 3.25''
Elfrid PaytonPG6' 2.50''6' 3.75''185.46' 8.00''
Russ SmithPG5' 11.50''6' 0.75''160.06' 3.50''
Aaron GordonPF-C6' 7.50''6' 8.75"220.16' 11.75''
Adreian PaynePF-C6' 9.00''6' 9.75''238.57' 4.00''
Dwight PowellPF-C6' 9.50''6' 11.00''234.47' 0.50''
Julius RandlePF-C6' 7.75''6' 9.00''249.77' 0.00''
James McAdooPF-C6' 7.50''6' 8.75''227.67' 2.25''
Alex KirkPF-C6' 9.25''6' 10.75''252.07' 3.50''
Cory JeffersonPF-C6' 7.75''6' 9.00''218.47' 0.50''
Johnny O’Bryant IIIPF-C6' 7.25''6' 8.50''256.87' 2.25''
Jarnell StokesPF-C6' 7.00''6' 8.50''262.87' 1.25''
Alec BrownPF-C7' 0.25''7' 1.25''231.27' 1.50''
Noah VonlehPF-C6' 8.00''6' 9.50"247.17' 4.25''
Khem BirchPF-C6' 7.50''6' 9.25''208.87' 1.00''
Cameron BairstowPF-C6' 8.75''6' 9.75''252.47' 0.75''
Jordan BachynskiPF-C7' 1.25''7' 2.00"254.17' 4.00''
Isaiah AustinPF-C6' 11.50''7' 0.50"219.57' 4.50''
Patric YoungPF-C6' 8.50''6' 10.00''246.87' 1.75''

All combine measurements courtesy of



Aaron Gordon

Gordon helped himself in a big way during the combine.

Already projected as a potential lottery pick, Gordon's combine performance virtually assured a high draft position.

He posted a 39" vertical jump on Friday, which was the third best of all power forwards in combine history, according to a tweet from Numbers Never Lie:

Just how ridiculous was Gordon's vertical jump? ESPN Stats & Info tweeted a staggering statistic:

Here's the fun part about Gordon's jump. He got so much air, the apparatus used to measure the height wasn't tall enough. Take a look at his vertical courtesy of a tweet from Bleacher Report, via

Gordon's impressive leap wasn't his only highlight of the day.

He showcased is athleticism, speed and agility during on-court workouts and continued to dazzle everyone in attendance. One such onlooker was ESPN's Chad Ford, who tweeted Gordon's numbers:

We already knew Gordon would be a highly coveted prospect entering the draft; however, after his impressive showing on Friday, interest from NBA franchises was at an all-time high.

According to the Boston Celtics' official Twitter account, Gordon had a very good meeting with the team:

Could Gordon become a top-five selection in this year's draft? Things are beginning to look promising for the former Arizona standout.


Zach LaVine

As far as guards go, LaVine may have been the most impressive at his position during the combine.

Like Gordon, he wowed onlookers with a huge vertical. Ford tweeted LaVine's numbers and gave a rather telling reaction:

LaVine's competitive drive shined through on Day 2 of the combine, as the guard wasn't overly thrilled about his vertical. Jay King of tweeted LaVine's reaction:

Here's a great look at LaVine's freakish athleticism, courtesy of's official Instagram:

So, how does this vertical translate to his potential in the NBA? A tweet from NBA draft gives a great look:

Currently, LaVine is viewed as a borderline lottery pick by plenty of analysts. That is likely to change after he really helped himself during the combine.

With plenty of guard-needy teams within the top 10 of this year's draft, we could hear LaVine's name called much sooner than originally anticipated.


Day 2 Notables

We know size and length is a big part of the NBA. Each prospect at the combine was measured up, but one particular measurement stood out above the rest.

Noah Vonleh has some insanely huge hands. Apparently, his giant mitts have been prevalent for quite some time, according to a tweet from Alex Kennedy of

NBA Legion tweeted a ridiculous example:

Nick Stauskas showcased his speed and athleticism, running the three-quarter-court sprint in 3.27 seconds, which was tied for third among guards.'s Instagram account gives a great look at Stauskas' speed:

P.J. Hairston also impressed onlookers with his athletic ability and his outside shooting prowess.

Jeff Goodman of ESPN tweeted his impression of Hairston's long ball on Friday:

That was followed up with a great 37" vertical on Saturday. Take a look at Hairston's leap courtesy of NBA draft:

Now that the combine has reached its conclusion, NBA franchises and scouts have plenty of footage to sink their teeth into leading up to the draft.

One thing is for certain: With the ongoing fluctuation of draft stock for many of the combine's participants, the early portion of the NBA offseason just became very interesting.

Get ready for a wild ride.


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