Cesaro's Next Target Must be Sheamus To Continue Solo Progression

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Since Cesaro split from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger to sensationally go it alone, things haven't quite worked out according to plan for the star dubbed the "Swiss Superman."

Things looked promising enough at WrestleMania XXXhe outlasted the field to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, dumping Big Show over the top rope in an absolutely crazy spot that got him some huge popularity.

His momentum was absolutely enormous in the first few weeks following the split, but you get the feeling it could be all about to fall apart should drastic action not be taken.

His allegiance with Paul Heyman is a great move, but WWE Creative must determine which direction they want to run with Cesaro. Is he a heel, or is he a face? He certainly has the popularity to pull off the latter role, but it looks like a push as a heel is in the offing.

That would be no bad thing, but the time has now come for Cesaro and WWE to step it up a little bit. He is a guy who clearly has the potential to make it to the very top of the company, but he has to earn the right to be at the top.

His first real rivalry against Rob Van Dam has flattered to deceive. It hasn't really done anything for either man. Cesaro must move on and challenge someone now, and that man should be Sheamus.

The new United States champion is in need of exciting and challenging opponents in order to ensure his reign doesn't go the way Dean Ambrose's did, and there can't be many better options out there for the Irishman than Cesaro.

The two have had a bit previously, most notably on Main Event this past week (May 13). That match had some great chemistry and really did seem to justify that the two men could pull off a championship feud.

Guys like Sheamus are pretty much on the same level as Cesaro, both in terms of technical ability and their standing within the company. If Cesaro becomes a fully fledged heel character, the possibility of this rivalry delivering is seriously high.

Cesaro himself is a former United States champion. That would make for an interesting subplot to the storyline should the WWE decide to run the rivalry. With both men clearly able to provoke a reaction from the crowd, you would have all the makings of a genuinely fantastic rivalry.

Clearly, Cesaro's aspirations sit much higher than the United States Championship. However, so do Sheamus'. Championships like this really should have a lot more prestige and hype about them since the WWE unified the major belts.

Hopefully the fact Sheamus and Cesaro would be tussling for the belt over a couple of months could really promote the title—and Cesaro—to new heights.