Pat Barry Breaks Silence on KO Loss as Only Pat Barry Can

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMay 15, 2014


Pat Barry became a popular figure in MMA due to his fun personality. It looks like he still has a good attitude despite a recent run of bad luck in the fight game.

Barry posted a video on his Instagram account poking fun at all the concussion and retirement talk surrounding him.

Zack Mwekassa defeated Barry by vicious knockout at Glory 16 in front of a hometown crowd for Barry. The loss was Barry's third straight in combat sports after he ended his UFC career on a two-fight losing skid.

Worse yet, Barry has been knocked out in all three of his recent losses. All in all, Barry has lost by knockout six times throughout his combat sports career.

The string of losses even prompted former training partner and WWE star Brock Lesnar to ask for UFC president Dana White's help in getting Barry to retire.

It'd be one thing if Barry was losing with guys unloading punches as he turtled up to block them, but that's not the case with his recent MMA losses and his loss in Glory. There was no doubt in any of those that the lights went out for Barry.

Although Barry's brain cells have undoubtedly been scrambled too much recently, it's nice to see he still hasn't lost his sense of comedy. I don't know Barry's financial situation and if he's fighting to live or simply lives to fight at this point in his career, but I do know Barry has suffered some bad knockout losses.

At least he can still make fans happy with laughter even if the results in the cage/ring aren't what he wants.