WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of May 12

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 16, 2014

Lorenz Larkin in action against Francis Carmont
Lorenz Larkin in action against Francis CarmontAssociated Press

Social media captured another tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior, this time from the world of UFC.

Daniel Bryan post-surgery, Roman Reigns post-gash and David Hart Smith (Harry Francis Smith) post-choking out a would-be thief are the other stars of the most intriguing WWE-related tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos of the week. 

We begin with a graphic image traveling around the Internet after a cage match. The Shield's powerhouse took on Randy Orton, and the two foes cracked heads. Reigns tweeted a photo of the damage, a sight best viewed while not snacking.

Wrestle Chat found and shared a video of the collision that caused the cut. 

Allow Alicia Fox to cleanse one's visual palate after that. The Diva was one of the stars of the week after suffering a meltdown on both Monday's Raw and Tuesday's Main Event. WWE posted a shot of her on Instagram that captures her newly electric energy.

Alicia Fox backstage
Alicia Fox backstagePhoto from Instagram

Three men with energy of the funky variety became video artist Dalyxman's subjects this week.

He mashed together Mark Henry (as Sexual Chocolate), Flash Funk and The Godfather's entrance music. The result is that most listeners will be bobbing their heads and perhaps searching through the WWE Network archives for matches featuring these fellas.

That streaming service is certainly an ideal place to get your fill of the Ultimate Warrior.

Many of his matches are waiting to be viewed there, as is a new documentary WWE produced to pay tribute to the former WWE champ. Lorenz Larkin of the UFC wanted to pay his own kind of tribute.

During his weigh-in before his fight with Costas Philippou, Larkin donned a Warrior-like mask.

Recent focus on a man who once partnered with the Ultimate Warrior created new buzz about when and if he's coming to WWE. Sting was the latest subject of WWE's "30 Second Fury" series. More specifically, it was his Scorpion Death Drop that was the star.

As fun as it to see Sting smash folks to the mat with that move, his biggest fans will only be concerned with when they will see him do that to someone on a WWE show.

It's certain that we won't see Bryan hit his missile dropkick or flying knee for the time being. Bryan underwent neck surgery. Thanks to the invasive nature of social media, fans got a look at him after his successful surgery.

WWE.com reports that Bryan is "doing well, with strength already returning to his hands."

The first concern with this situation is centered around Bryan's health. The second concern is what happens to the the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, seeing as how the the titleholder could be out for months.

WWE posted a shot of the title on Instagram, which is now sad in a way. Bryan's "Yes" logo is now on the side plates, but realistically, someone's else's logo will be on there soon.

Daniel Bryan's world title side plate
Daniel Bryan's world title side platePhoto from Instagram

Bryan, though, could be back soon enough that WWE doesn't trip the title. One thing wrestling fans can count on is the inhuman toughness of the performers who step into the ring every night.

When people throw out the word "fake" to describe pro wrestling, it's an insult to that required toughness. A purse snatcher in Amsterdam found out just how real a wrestling move can get.

Regarding David Hart Smith, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Nick Paglino of Wrestle Zone, reported that, "Smith witnessed a man steal a woman's purse and while three security guards were having a hard time with the man, Smith jumped in, took the guy down and put him in a choke."

Smith joked about it on Twitter.

The thief apparently tried to tap out. There was no referee around, though. There was no five-count to break, only a man full of regret who had major trouble breathing.