New Generational Spotlight: ROH's Tyler Black

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 25, 2009

Over the past few years we have seen many new faces in the pro-wrestling industry. While many believe that the best wrestlers in the world are in TNA or the WWE, we forget about ROH (Ring of Honor) a lot of the time.

After some of the matches we have seen in ROH, people should not be forgetting them whatsoever. The person that TNA and the WWE should be trying to get on their roster is Tyler Black.

He has been a champion where ever he has gone, and he has proven to the world that he belongs in the world title hunt of any promotion he goes to.

When I heard of this man, I have to be honest, I was not impressed by his accomplishments. Sure, he may have been a champion wherever he has been, but there have been champions in many promotions who were not all that great.

Take The Great Khali, for example.

As I said, I didn't really care for Black, that was, until I saw him wrestle. He has all the tools that any pro wrestler would want. He has size, speed, wrestling ability, and good mic work.

All the hype I heard about this man was true in every single way. When you hear rumors of people, like they have certain superhuman abilities, you kind of think "sure, whatever."

It is like the Loch Ness monster; you hear about it all the time, but no one ever sees it.

With Black, he was such a hyped guy. People hear about him, but no one believes how good he really is. Thank God ROH finally got on HDNet to show the skills of this great young man.

Many believe that he came into the main-event spotlight when he had his first match with Nigel McGuinness for the ROH World Title at Take No Prisoners.

He lost the match, but people took notice. ROH realized how well he could do if just given the chance and started to put him into more main-event caliber matches.

He became a fan favorite after that match despite being a heel at the time, which was a pleasant surprise to ROH, of course.

And despite making his name in the Age of the Fall, he needed to show how well he could do in pure singles wrestling. He and Jimmy Jacobs were two-time ROH Tag Champions together, but ROH had to separate him from the AOF to take advantage of his abilities.

Tag wrestling would be the only thing he would do with them, so by having Jacobs turn his back on Black at Final Battle in 2008 they were setting Black up to be a big-time star there.

It is easy to see now that he is starting to shine there, that ROH did a good job by taking a chance on him.

Unlike some wrestlers out there, he is the total package in the ring. He reminds me a lot of CM Punk, who he trained with for a while, so no surprise there.

Punk and Black both show a bit of martial arts skill in the ring, but Punk is a bit better in terms of all around martial arts skill. Punk did train in Japan, so naturally he had more training in that area.

What separates the two, is Black's high-flying ability. Punk does have some high-flying ability too. However, it is no where near what Black can do.

When you have a guy who can do corkscrews in the air along with being able to do 450 splashes, not many people who aren't well-versed in highflying ability can do that sort of thing successfully. Take Brock Lesnar for one, who ended up hurting himself after an attempted Shooting Star Press.

There is a danger in just about any move in wrestling, but when your five, 10, or 15 feet in the air, the danger is increased. And you have to be very good at something before it needs to be added to a match.

For the man who once called himself God, he is just about perfect in the ring. So you could say he is the next best thing, wrestling wise.

He is not your normal wrestler either, he puts his own spin on traditional moves we have seen in the past. His Super Kicks are not like that of Shawn Michaels, where he hits the opponent with his leg extended enough to hit the chin.

Black hits the chin with his leg going up looking as if he indeed is trying to kick the opponent's head off. It is the little things that people overlook about him that are so important to his overall in-ring performance.

He doesn't settle for doing the same stuff that everyone else does, he makes everything his own. That is something you have to respect about him.

Without those little things, he would be the average wrestler. But because he does them, he shines.

I feel he does need to stick around ROH for a little while, only because he needs to learn how to carry a promotion.

I feel once he becomes ROH World Champion, which could be sooner rather than later, he will start to realize the trials and tribulations of being a top guy.

If he does well in this position, I am sure bigger promotions such as TNA or the WWE will want to get him in.

Historically, ROH has given some great talent to WWE and TNA.

You have Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Homicide, Alex Shelly, CM Punk, etc. Black could follow in their footsteps easily.

I feel the WWE would be the best thing for him, only because they could market him very well and he could easily be a top guy there, over time. I feel TNA would ruin him more so than use him right. He also may never see much time in the world title scene either.

TNA is a place that focuses on using older veterans and TNA veterans who have been around for years, rather than use their younger and better talent.

The WWE would at the very least get him in the ECW Title hunt right when he arrives to the roster.

Like Punk has proven in the past, you don't have to be a big muscle-bound freak to be in the world title conversation.

He can work both as a heel or face, which is something not all wrestlers can do. The WWE needs a person who can do that consistently, who is also a fresh, young talent.

We can only see Cena, Orton, HHH, Batista, Edge, and others in the spotlight for so long.

Black could jump into what seems to be the rise of the new generation in wrestling. To me, he could be considered when all is said and done, as one of the best to ever step into a wrestling ring.


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