Virtual Kick-Ups Can Help You Win Pepsi and Look Silly in the Process

At last, all those years of perfecting kick-ups have a tangible and sugary bonus for the hard work. All you need is a bit of skill and to be OK with the fact that you'll look incredibly silly in the process.

Pepsi's latest World Cup push has the soft-drink purveyor unleashing 20 interactive games worldwide where participants can show off their kick-up ability with motion sensors and potentially earn a shiny, blue, calorie-filled beverage as a reward.

From Pepsi's press release (via Dirty Tackle):

The interactive vending machine allows customers to show off their soccer skills utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology, with no purchase necessary. Users can create an avatar with their name and begin earning points immediately. Throughout the interactive experience, fans are encouraged to keep the virtual football in the air for 30 seconds as they move through a series of skills challenges. Advanced players can earn bonus time and compete for "Hall of Fame" recognition at each location.

[YouTube, h/t Dirty Tackle]