Charles Barkley's Golf Swing Remains a Complete and Total Mess

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 15, 2014

At least nobody was hurt.

That’s the most you can ask for when Charles Barkley steps into the tee box, which the TNT analyst did to less than auspicious results at an Alabama golf course Wednesday.

According to Kevin Scarbinsky of (h/t Nick Schwartz of For The Win), Barkley took the course at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am alongside Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl and former Masters champion Fred Couples for a rousing nine holes.

If you expected Barkley’s swing-stop-swing motion to change, well, no dice.

Sir Charles’ hesitant lumberjack technique has not varied an iota over the past decade, leaving Pearl and onlookers in the gallery to marvel as the former Auburn basketball player hacked wildly at the ball. 

Kyle Koster of spotted video of Barkley teeing off at Regions Tradition. If golf lovers or lap children are near your computer monitor, kindly have them avert their eyes. 

At least he yelled “fore!” 

No eyes or cartilaginous body parts were liquified during the round, although Pearl did lay into Barkley after the analyst tried to tee up a few feet in front of the markers.

“I know this is the SEC,” Pearl said. “But we actually play by the rules here.”

That’s a solid joke for a man with his share of NCAA violations.

Barkley zinged Pearl moments later when the coach sent his own opening drive into a fairway bunker.

“At least we know you can coach,” Barkley said.

Scarbinsky writes that Barkley and Pearl are likely to become fast friends as the coach settles into his new home.

One thing we know about Barkley. He’s going to support the Auburn coach whoever he is. Now that Pearl has arrived with a track record as a proven winner in the SEC, Barkley has thrown his considerable local and national presence behind him.

Yep, nothing shows solidarity like joining forces for an ugly round of golf. 

Hopefully we’ll see more of this dynamic duo in the future (perhaps some guest appearances for Pearl on Inside the NBA?). They have the chemistry for a Snarky Old Men movie trilogy.

I’d tell them to stick to basketball, but that wouldn’t be half as entertaining.


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