Top 5 Interesting New Undercard Storylines in WWE

Tom Beasley@TomJBeasleyAnalyst IMay 17, 2014

Top 5 Interesting New Undercard Storylines in WWE

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    The main event scene in the WWE is currently very uncertain. WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan is currently on the shelf after neck surgery. This has thrown his future as champion into question.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the WWE roster is rattling onwards to the Payback pay-per-view in early June. Whilst Evolution vs. The Shield and John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt are the centrepieces, there are some very intriguing undercard plot lines bubbling away.

    Some of these stories have only emerged recently and may fizzle to nothing, but WWE Creative is certainly keeping a lot of spinning plates in the air.

5. Jack Swagger Battles the Rosebuds

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    Vignettes for Adam Rose have been airing on Raw for weeks. Fans of NXT will be familiar with the party-mad South African, but his initial appearances on the main roster have been a bit of a disappointment.

    He has only showed up thus far to antagonise Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, now appearing on the former's "Deportation List." On Monday's episode of Raw, he cost Swagger his match with Rob Van Dam.

    This story is pointing toward a clash between Swagger and Rose at Payback. Swagger is a great worker, and fans could warm to Rose if they are able to see what he can do between the ropes.

    It is sure to be an interesting clash and could cement Adam Rose as a worthy member of the main roster in WWE.

4. Alicia Fox Goes Crazy

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    Alicia Fox has turned into something of a loose cannon.

    The former WWE Divas Champion reacted poorly to a loss against Paige on Raw this week. She rampaged around the ring area, tearing apart the announce table and stealing JBL's hat.

    Fox caused more destruction on Main Event after losing to Emma, attacking the commentary team and ring announcer Tony Chimel. Chimel even suffered a concussion at the hands of Fox.

    Creative is clearly setting Fox up as the next challenger to Paige's WWE Divas Championship, and this is a genuinely interesting way of doing it. She is even getting a small amount of mic time, which can only be a good start for the rejuvenation of the Divas division.

3. Rusev Meets Someone His Own Size

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    On Monday, Rusev tried to assault WWE legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan. His manager Lana cut a pro-Russian promo that continues her campaign for old-fashioned heat from the WWE Universe.

    Rusev was foiled by former WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E, who stormed to the ring and took a hit from the "Bulgarian Brute." This looks set to lay the groundwork for Rusev's first main feud.

    Big E is a great choice. Having dropped his title to Bad News Barrett, the Floridian is in danger of falling to the lower midcard without a meaningful feud. Rusev is now ready to move away from weekly squash matches, so the rivalry will be good for both men's careers.

    If the two talented Superstars are given enough time in the ring together, they have the potential to construct a great match. A strong contest would cement both big guys as amongst the top powerhouse wrestlers in the WWE today.

2. Damien Sandow's 'Pipe Bombs'

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    There are few Superstars in the WWE who have suffered as badly from poor booking as Damien Sandow. In the space of just one year, he has gone from winning the Money In The Bank briefcase to wearing a Magneto costume in the ring.

    The tide started to turn for Sandow a week or two ago when he picked up a win against Sin Cara on Superstars. This week, he invaded the Raw pre-show to deliver a promo about the company in the style of a CM Punk "pipe bomb."

    This could be the beginning of a new Damien Sandow, who is proactive in changing his current standing. If his promos get over with the crowd, they could even facilitate a face turn for the "Intellectual Saviour of the Masses."

    It will be an uphill struggle for Sandow to reverse his position as WWE's resident joke jobber, but he's a genuine talent who looks like he might get his chance to shine.

1. A Very European Fight

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    The WWE wants to push Cesaro as a top singles talent. They are also keen to revive the reputation of the WWE United States Championship, which spent far too long lying dormant around the waist of Dean Ambrose.

    A perfect strategy has quickly emerged. The first step was to put the belt on Sheamus, who is a solid talent capable of working at main event level. The second was to place Sheamus in a feud with Cesaro.

    The seeds of this feud were sown on Tuesday's episode of Main Event, in which the two men showed great ring chemistry in an outstanding non-title match. It was a brutal contest, heavy on trading strikes and high-impact grapples.

    The double count-out finish suggests there is more mileage in this pairing, and a match at Payback would really help the prestige of the U.S. title. These men are perfect in the ring and could produce an instant classic match.