Breaking Down Ole Miss Wide Receiver Markell Pack's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IMay 15, 2014

Breaking Down Ole Miss Wide Receiver Markell Pack's Highlight Tape

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    Markell Pack is a speedy 4-star receiver who signed with Ole Miss in February. At 6'2" and 180 pounds, Pack has the explosiveness to be a constant threat to secondaries in the SEC.

    Pressing Pack at the line is a dangerous gamble for a cornerback. If he gets on top of them after the snap, chances are the play will result in a touchdown. Pack should become one of the Rebels' top offensive weapons over time.

    His highlight tape warrants a closer breakdown.


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Play No. 1

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    Pack's first play on his highlight tape sees him running a wide-slant to the end zone. He does a solid job of breaking quickly at the junction, and he takes a sharp angle to pin the cornerback outside of the passing lane.

    He may not have had to jump to catch the ball, but he does a solid job of attacking the pass with his hands. This play shows that the speedster has the potential to run more than just go-routes. 

Play No. 2

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    It's tough to see what kind of route Pack runs on this play. However, he does display some strength and leg-drive by breaking a tackle after he catches the pass.

    Pack then exhibits his natural explosiveness, as he quickly transfers up the field when he gets clean. Look at his acceleration and speed as he races up the sideline to the end zone. 

Play No. 3

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Here's a play that may look familiar in Oxford after a while.

    Note how Pack is off the line in the slot, which means he can get a cleaner release versus a potential jam at the line of scrimmage.

    This alignment allows Pack to launch into his wheel-route, which is bad news for the defense.

    He simply outruns his man, decelerating a bit to assure himself of the reception. After that, Pack's burst with the ball can be seen once again. 

Play No. 4

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    This play is a quick bubble-screen to Pack, who is aligned in the slot again.

    It showcases his quickness and elusiveness with the ball, as he runs confidently after the catch.

    He also shows some toughness by challenging defenders to gain extra yards. 

Play No. 5

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Here's a classic example of a receiver having great ball skills. Watch how Pack tracks the ball with his eyes all the way through the catch.

    Also, look at him get himself in position to catch the ball by slipping inside of the cornerback on the perimeter. Pack's concentration on this play is outstanding. 

Play No. 6

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Pack is aligned on the perimeter on this play, and he gets the ball on a reverse. He shows good speed when coming back around the edge, but he impresses by escaping the clutches of a defender with good leg-strength.

    Pack told Neal McCready of (subscription required) in November of 2013: "I wanted to play for my home-state school. I like the coaches at Ole Miss. They're just good guys."


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