WWE WTF: Jim Ross, Rusev, WWE Network and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2014

Why is the WWE Network ripping off this show? What inconvenient truth has rapper Wale uncovered about Rusev? What is Jim Ross' next career move? 

Good ol' J.R. is returning to the booth, this time as a boxing commentator. Arguably considered the greatest pro wrestling commentator of all time, Ross should feel right at home calling another pre-determined sport. 

Something sure seems predetermined about Rusev's latest string of opponents, and this has not been lost on rapper and WWE superfan Wale. 

The rapper threatened to incite a riot if Big E became the next victim in a string of peculiar opponents for Rusev. Right on cue, Big E took a big beating from Rusev. No word yet if the revolution has been televised. 

WWE is in the process of televising a slew of new programming, according to WrestlingDVDNews.com (via WrestlignInc). One pending show will be a WWE news show with a comedic slant. Sound familiar? It should. You're watching it. 



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