Rangers Teammates Give Alex Rios New 'Bat' After He Strikes out 4 Times in Game

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2014

via @arios51

Maybe Texas Rangers outfielder Alex Rios wasn't using a big enough bat against the Houston Astros.

On Monday night, Rios struck out four times against Houston. It was such a rough outing that his teammates later tried to help him out.

Someone on the Rangers put a fake guitar—with "Please use this tonight when you are up to bat!" written on it—in Rios' locker on Tuesday.

Luckily, Rios was able to get a good laugh out of it and move past his rough night. The outfielder was able to record a hit the day after receiving the golden sombrero.

[Alex Rios, h/t FOX Sports