Diamondbacks Legends Mascots Mock Nationals and Their Beloved Presidents Race

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are in the middle of a tough series with the Washington Nationals, managing to even bring both franchises' mascots into the fray. 

MLB.com gives us this snapshot of Tuesday's most important event, namely the Legends mascots racing around the confines of Chase Field. 

However, before the cartoonish doppelgangers of the likes of Matt Williams and Randy Johnson got racing, a crew of presidential impostors got out onto the field first. 

The announcer explains: "Well, of course the Nationals and Nats Park in D.C. have their famous Presidents Race. The presidents, Bob, snuck into the Legends race, and the Legends were having none of it."

The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg has more images via his Twitter feed:

Steinberg continued with this image of Williams giving Teddy a little more attention than is normally warranted:

The Diamondbacks mascots, also featuring big-headed Mark Grace and Luis Gonzalez, have made their presence known over the last couple of days with the Nationals, perhaps stealing a bit of thunder from some of the more recognizable mascots in baseball. 

Of the more hilarious variety, fake Matt Williams had a rather peculiar run-in with the real deal earlier in the series. 

The Washington Post's Scott Allen has a breakdown of Monday's moment, including video of the exchange between mascot and its namesake: 

Between the fifth and sixth innings of Washington’s wild 6-5 win Monday, Mascot Matt Williams jumped out to a huge lead, but as is often the case with Teddy at Nationals Park, you got the sense it wouldn’t last.

Sure enough, as Mascot Matt Williams passed the Nationals dugout, he stopped to stare at Manager Matt Williams, who pointed toward the finish line.

Well pointed is a nice word for what the Nationals skipper offered, because it was more like an outright demand to get lost as the manager took care of business. 

The two teams will meet again on Wednesday in a rubber game that might garner more comedy. This is the same series that saw Williams race Kirk Gibson back to their respective dugouts after all. 

As for the Presidents mascots being trolled by the characters they have in Arizona, don't worry. You are still very much a beloved sort, having as big a mark on this game as the zany sausages in Milwaukee. 

However, go ahead and add a legendary group of mascots to the list, because they are willing to go above and beyond for your attention.

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