UEFA Champions League Final: Manchester United vs Chelsea, Boring!

Andrew McNairSenior Writer IApril 30, 2008

So we are to witness our first all English, UEFA Champions League Final. I must say, that thought just doesn’t appeal to me. 

Maybe I’m old fashioned or a so called traditionalist, but to me it’s just not what Europe is meant to be about. I want to see Manchester United vs Barcelona in the final, a battle of two countries, two styles of football between two giants of the game. 

It is said by many people that the big four’s (Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal) dominance in England is ruining the Premier League.

So I ask this, is the big four’s dominance ruining the appeal of the Champions League? 

I feel the Champions League created the top four in England and is now starting to suffer from the same monsters it has created. The competition simply loses its appeal across too many countries when so many teams of one country get so far. 

Do the Italians care? No they don’t. I love the English game and even I’m complaining, so how many others feel the same? 

An all English final means there will only be one country caring who wins, one countries fans travelling to Moscow. Hell, why not just change the final to Wembley and save everyone the hassle. 

I’ve watched the same "big four" field youth sides against each other in the League Cup over recent years. What is remotely interesting about these teams facing each other in, the Final?  

An FA Cup final, yes, as that’s why we have the FA Cup! It’s not there to distract the top four from the Champions League as some people seem to think.

To think the Champions League has already killed the League Cup and is now slowly killing off the FA Cup, season by season.  

And for what? Money? 

If you took one place off England, Italy and Spain, I bet it wouldn’t even affect the standard! So why do they deserve four? Give smaller leagues and teams a chance to catch up to the above mentioned monsters. 

One less English Champions League spot would mean more competition in the FA Cup and dare I say it, the League Cup. Therefore it would be good for English domestic football. 

In the end, the whole point in European football is to travel, play in other countries and yes I admit, make some money, but spread the wealth around or we’ll end up with just one real competition in Europe. 

The UEFA Champions League!