WWE Payback 2014: Fringe Stars Who Will Make Big Statement

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The upcoming edition of Payback promises much in the way of big changes in the WWE card. With the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan almost certain to miss the event due to neck surgery, there is an opportunity for someone to ascend from the lower reaches of the card and make an impact.

All across the Payback card, you imagine there will be plenty of opportunities for stars on the fringe of stardom to make a huge statement on the show.

There are a whole host of guys simply wasting away in the locker room, with some real opportunities likely to be seized at Payback this time around. But which fringe stars will catapult through the pack and make a big statement at Payback?


Big E

Sure, the action that unfolded on Raw this past week seemed to suggest that Big E will be the next guy in line to lose to the powerhouse Rusev, but there is still a bit of time until Payback for the landscape to dramatically change.

It's hard to imagine that Big E will simply be getting squashed by Rusev on pay-per-view, after all, he has plenty of fans backstage who are voicing claims for him to get another push.

WWE owes him another push after the disastrous way they handled the latter stages of his Intercontinental Championship reign. It would be great to see Big E actually go out and inflict a first defeat on Rusev at Payback, but even if he loses, he will still be able to make a big statement.

A guy very much for the future, Big E is still in the thinking of WWE fans; the reaction he got when he made the save on "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan confirmed that on Raw.


Jack Swagger

Like Big E, Jack Swagger doesn't look to be in a particularly strong position at this moment in time. He has been turned over by Adam Rose on a couple of occasions on Raw, but expect Swagger to bounce back.

It's a bit of a shame that he has fallen so far down the pecking order in WWE; he was affected by the momentum Cesaro garnered due to his supreme popularity and almost became the fall guy to enable Cesaro to move on.

But he has a great gimmick and a superb manager by his side. Zeb Colter adds something interesting to the fray when it comes to Swagger, and the two together could still have a bright future. However, like every other guy in WWE, they need a break to ensure they surge up the card.

Despite Adam Rose being the latest newcomer in the WWE, Swagger should still make a big impact if the two lock horns at Payback.


Rob Van Dam

It's ridiculous to be even considering Rob Van Dam as a fringe star at this moment in time, but that is exactly where he finds himself, unfortunately.

He most recently played a side role in the Rose vs. Swagger feud, as he capitalized on interference from Rose to get the win. However, you get the feeling Van Dam needs to be doing much, much more.

If he locks horns with Cesaro again at Payback, it could potentially be the match of the night. The Triple Threat match the two took part in at Extreme Rules felt a bit rushed and slightly hurried. With just Cesaro and Van Dam in the ring, the action could really flow at Payback.

A good showing at Payback could really catapult Van Dam into a feud for one of the WWE's midcard championships—in particular, the Intercontinental Championship. In all fairness, that is the least Van Dam deserves.