What Offseason Moves Are Next for Seattle Seahawks with the Draft Complete

Dilan Ames@@DilanAmesNFLCorrespondent IMay 14, 2014

What Offseason Moves Are Next for Seattle Seahawks with the Draft Complete

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    The Seattle Seahawks are coming off of a solid draft but still have some improvements they could make. Nothing is a glaring issue, but there are certainly moves they could execute that would help their squad.

    One of those potential moves is signing (or not signing) Jermichael Finley as their starting tight end.

    They've done well with Zach Miller until this point, but they would certainly see a boost in production offensively if he were swapped out for Finley. The starting tight end position is a question mark for right now, but if Finley can pass a team physical, then he should be who they push to bring in.

    Regardless of how things shake out with their tight end situation, Seattle also needs to add some depth throughout their roster. Granted, some positions are deep, but others are certainly lacking. 

    Overall, this is a pretty together team with few cracks in its armor. The Seahawks surely have areas they need to work on, but nothing stands out as a huge issue.

Solidify Who Will Be the Team's Starting TE

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    I realize this topic has been nearly beaten to death by now, but I'm not completely sold that the Seahawks will be better off with Zach Miller instead of Jermichael Finley. Admittedly, he is still yet to be medically cleared, but once he is, he could be someone that Seattle must consider to be their starting tight end.

    Finley is very athletic and would help open up a whole other dimension to Seattle's passing attack. Even if Finley fails to pass a physical and prove his health, the Seahawks will be just fine. 

    As I've noted in several recent articles, Miller is a reliable weapon for Russell Wilson and—while it was minimal—played his role very well last season. He's athletic enough to be a legitimate wrinkle in their playbook, but he isn't nearly as naturally gifted as Finley.

    Even so, the doubts surrounding the former Packer's health are reason for concern, but not worry. If signing him doesn't pan out, they'll have a nice backup plan in Miller. If Finley sours on another physical with the team, they can be confident that Miller will hold things down for them.

Commit to a New, Full-Time Right Tackle

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    The Seahawks' right tackle position has yet to be cleanly addressed after they lost Breno Giacomini in free agency, but it will need to be worked out soon. They have a few options to choose from, one of which being Michael Bowie.

    The former seventh-rounder flashed a lot of talent as a run-blocker, but his pass protection is something to be wary of. He helped Seattle finish off last season strong en route to a championship, but he may not be who we see topping the depth chart on opening day.

    Justin Britt, the newly drafted tackle from Missouri, is someone who will have a chance to seal the deal and take the starting spot away from Bowie. Britt has gritty tendencies when it comes to blocking and should fit in well with what Tom Cable does scheme-wise.

    There are some concerns with his overall ability and mechanics, but if anyone can coach him up and turn him into a starting right tackle in this league, it's Cable.

Add Depth Throughout the Roster

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    The team did a solid job of adding some depth to its roster in the draft, but there is certainly more that can be done in terms of depth. One player who comes to mind is Josh Cribbs, who would contribute not only as a receiver, but also as a return man.

    Especially given the issues Percy Harvin has been dealing with health-wise over the past few seasons, Cribbs would be a nice insurance signing and could be used in a number of ways. Darrell Bevell would have a ball moving Cribbs around the offense even if Harvin is healthy, further adding to their offense's output.

    Aside from Cribbs, Andre Carter is another veteran Seattle might be interested in. He's a talented defensive end whose best days are behind him, but he can still contribute and be effective in a minimal role. 

    It's not like either of these guys will blow anyone out of the water with their production, but they would be quality backups to have and utilize in certain packages on offense and defense, respectively. 

Find a Dependable Guard

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    Right tackle was a need that was addressed early in the draft for the Seahawks, leaving right guard as the remaining hole in their offensive line. J.R. Sweezy is not the answer, and frankly, he just isn't that great. They will likely need to spend a draft pick on a dependable guard in next year's class unless they can work out a trade for a top-tier one beforehand.

    In the meantime, an upgrade at guard is due, and they have limited options. The offseason is in full blossom, and training camp will be here before we know it, but Seattle needs a confident Band-Aid on their right guard position.

    Harvey Dahl of the division-rival St. Louis Rams is one player who could be the answer to the problem in the short term. He's very capable in run blocking and is pretty good at taking care of the quarterback as well.

    It would be a little far-fetched for two rival teams to do this sort of wheelin' and dealin', but as we've seen in the past few years, Jeff Fisher loves to compile draft picks.

    Seattle could give up one or two of its future draft picks (possibly a player as well) to the Rams for the rights to Dahl, which would firm up its offensive line enough until it can find a legitimate longterm replacement.