5 Managerial Starting Points for Ryan Giggs That Are Not Manchester United

Sam Pilger@sampilgerContributing Football WriterMay 14, 2014

5 Managerial Starting Points for Ryan Giggs That Are Not Manchester United

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    Jon Super/Associated Press

    Ryan Giggs’ future at Old Trafford remains uncertain.

    Will he remain at Manchester United and work under a new manager, likely to be Louis van Gaal, per David McDonnell of The Mirror, or after having had a brief taste of management with these last four games will he decide he wants to immediately start his managerial career?

    Should he decide to go it alone these could be five intriguing clubs for him to begin at as a manager.

Tottenham Hotspur

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    Sang Tan/Associated Press

    A move to White Hart Lane in the summer to succeed Tim Sherwood could greatly appeal to Giggs.

    After all Tottenham are the only Premier League club with a vacancy and a realistic chance of qualifying for the Champions League next season.

    Tottenham’s tradition of playing attractive attacking football would be embraced by Giggs, who has been brought up with the same style, albeit more successfully, at Old Trafford.

    Giggs would relish trying to extract the best from such exciting young talents as Erik Lamela and Christian Eriksen.

Aston Villa

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    After Randy Lerner declared his intention to sell Aston Villa this week, the club will soon have a new owner. 

    This new owner is bound to look at Paul Lambert’s underwhelming record of successive 15th placed finishes and look to appoint his own man to reinvigorate the club.

    Ryan Giggs could be that man.

    Under new ownership the club would need a new figurehead with a record of success to bring new energy and leadership to Villa Park.


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    Vincent Jannink/Associated Press

    After playing his entire career in England, starting his managerial career abroad could appeal to Giggs. 

    At Ajax, who might soon have a vacancy if Frank de Boer moves on, he would be learning his trade away from the unforgiving spotlight of the Premier League and begin at a club where he has the opportunity to immediately challenge for titles and trophies.

    It would introduce Giggs to new techniques and tactics, and immediately broaden his football knowledge.

    If a stint in Dutch football can work for Steve McClaren, it can certainly work for Giggs.

    Ajax could be attracted to having a manager with more Champions League experience than anyone, having twice won the competition and being its all-time leading appearance maker with 151 games.

Cardiff City

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    Michael Steele/Getty Images

    There is a certain romanticism to the Cardiff-born Giggs returning to Wales to revive Cardiff City.

    After making such a mess of their first season in the top flight for 53 years the Cardiff owner Vincent Tan will be desperate to win back the fans with such a high profile and evocative appointment.

    However, Giggs would naturally feel uneasy replacing his former team-mate and friend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and rightly wary of working for such an unstable club at the moment.

    Giggs might also feel he deserves to start his managerial career in the Premier League rather than the Championship.


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    Ian Walton/Getty Images

    If Tottenham manage to lure Mauricio Pochettino to north London, Giggs could be an astute replacement at St Mary’s.

    Southampton have based their recent success on bringing players through their youth system, and without the funds to challenge the big clubs, they will need to continue this approach.

    Who better to front up this operation than Giggs, a founding member of the Class of 1992 and the symbol of home-grown footballers?

    Giggs would be a good fit at Southampton, bringing through more young players as he strives to keep them in the top half of the table.