Kane and His 5 Most Ridiculous Storylines

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 13, 2014

Kane and His 5 Most Ridiculous Storylines

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    Even prior to his neck injury and surgery, Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship run was already in a great deal of trouble due to his wretched feud with Kane.

    In fact, Bryan, who was enormously over at the beginning of the year, has seen his stock fall since this program started.

    Kane, of course, has been involved with too many terrible feuds to count over the years. You have to think the star would have spared himself—and the fans—a lot of bad television if he simply knew how to say no to the bookers once in a while.

    But, alas, he seemingly doesn’t know how to turn anything down. Seriously. This Bryan storyline isn’t even scratching the surface of terrible Kane angles.

    So, in the order of just how hideous they were, here are the top five worst Kane feuds ever.

5. Kane vs. Chris Jericho

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    And the award for “Most Flimsy Reason for a Feud Ever” goes to the 2000 Kane vs. Chris Jericho program which started after "Y2J" accidentally spilled coffee on "The Big Red Machine."

    Per the storyline, that incident, combined with Jericho's photogenic good looks, drove Kane into a jealous rage, as he vowed to destroy the rising star.

    This was laughably bad. Sadly, the matches between the pair weren't particularly good either, so it didn’t even have that going for it.

4. Kane vs. John Cena

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    The Kane vs. John Cena's program in early 2012—with Zack Ryder and Eve Torres as supporting players—inflicted one risible segment after another on unsuspecting viewers.

    Look, here's Ryder getting beaten up by Kane! And here's Kane trying to kidnap Eve! And here's Cena making out with Eve even though he knows Ryder is totally in love with her! And here's Ryder getting beaten up by Kane again!

    Not only was this awful television, but it essentially killed off Ryder's promising career, something the wrestler even admitted himself in an interview soon after.

3. Kane vs. Matt Hardy and Lita

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    The Matt Hardy/Lita/Kane love triangle in 2004 was an absolutely abysmal mix of bad soap opera writing, terrible acting and nonsensical booking.

    Worse still, it seemed like WWE writers were convinced it was gripping television and that viewers wanted to see it—the whole sorry saga was plastered all over Raw for much of the year.

    Neither Matt Hardy nor Lita—both of whom were frequently made to look weak and/or foolish—were aided by this dreadful angle. It only served to solidify Kane as someone willing to go along with WWE's most inane ideas.

2. Kane vs. Triple H

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    Ah, yes. No list discussing the worst of Kane would be complete without a mention of the Katie Vick mess in 2002.

    Per the story, evil World Heavyweight Champion Triple H accused challenger Kane of murdering a young woman—Katie Vick—years earlier at a party.

    Things got even more bizarre and sordid when Triple H claimed Kane had proceeded to do unspeakable things to her corpse, with “The Game” even providing (obviously fake) footage of the heinous act.

    Even over a decade later, it's still shocking that WWE made the call to go ahead with this monstrosity.

1. Kane vs. Edge

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    Amazingly, the Edge vs. Kane storyline in late 2010 has even managed to edge out the Katie Vick saga for the most ridiculous Kane feud in history.

    It was a close one, but the sheer amount of mind-boggling stupidity pushes it to the front.

    OK, so no one expects wrestling to be ultra-realistic like The Wire, but come on. Were audiences actually meant to believe that Edge could kidnap Kane's father on television and not only not face any criminal charges but also fly him from city to city every week for the latest SmackDown taping? (Just how did Edge manage to get Bearer through airport security?)

    And let's not even get started on the grossly warped psychology. Yes, Edge was supposed to be the valiant good guy here—even though he had kidnapped a frail and helpless old man and was cruelly torturing him on television for kicks. Huh?

    This whole mess was WCW-circa-2000 awful.