Shaq Invents Shaqcrobatics, Holds Grown Man Aloft During 'Inside the NBA'

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Shaq Invents Shaqcrobatics, Holds Grown Man Aloft During 'Inside the NBA'
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Monday night’s edition of Inside the NBA featured a couple firsts, with Kenny Smith inventing the word comfortability and Shaquille O’Neal attempting a bit of Shaqcrobatics with another grown man.

Fans tuning in for a bit of basketball analysis last night were at one point greeted with the sight of O’Neal holding another man up with his legs and his arms.

Sean Newell of Deadspin crafted a GIF of the strange occasion, which is best viewed with zero explanation or preamble, as there were none. 

GIF via Deadspin

Newell points out that this appears to be just two guys playing floor games typically reserved for parents and their children.

“It looks similar to when a dad might play the airplane game with his child,” Newell writes. “Except...we have two adults here.”

Unsurprisingly, the sight left fans either crying or confused. 

And thus goes the story of the first Shaq de Soleil: An event where an NBA analyst uses his giant strength to maneuver another man’s body around like a ragdoll

Don’t be surprised if Inside the NBA ratchets the hijinks to a new level this postseason. We’ve already seen O’Neal pull off a hydraulic chair prank, and Barkley continues to troll the entire city of San Antonio.

Weird happenings are afoot in the TNT studios, and rest assured, we’ve only seen the tip of goofiness.


Shaqcrobatics: Enter the Awkward.

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