20 Videos of Sports Fans Freaking Out

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistMay 13, 2014

20 Videos of Sports Fans Freaking Out

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    Ah the fan freak out. Long a staple of sports, this outrageous, loud, often hilarious incident can now live in infamy thanks to smartphones and the good people at YouTube.  

    The fan freak out can take many forms—from mass celebrations to tears of joy and even destruction of property. But all have one thing in common—unfiltered passion.

    Here we present 20 videos of sports fans freaking out, in one way or another. Keep a special eye out for freak out spectators captured on home videos. One fan freaking out + awkward onlookers = entertainment.

    Warning: Some video content is NSFW.

Iron Bowl

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    There were a slew of amazing fan reaction videos to Auburn’s last-minute victory in the 2013 Iron Bowl, but this guy’s had to be one of the best. There’s extreme volume, heavy breathing and some pretty interesting chair choreography. Is that a baby on the next couch over?

Johnny Cleveland

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    Poor Cleveland. The Browns’ track record with No. 22-pick quarterbacks isn’t exactly stellar (see: Weeden, Brandon and Quinn, Brady). Yet, the fans at this ESPN Cleveland Draft Party still remain optimistic. Good for you, Cleveland.

Ravens Fan

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    Despite the use of extreme profanity, this Ravens fan was absolutely prophetic in his rant—accurately predicting that kicker Billy Cundiff would get cut and that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron would “get his ass fired.” He was just a little off about Joe Flacco, though.

Daytona 500 Kid

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    The ultimate in sports euphoria—tears of joy. This young NASCAR fan is so happy Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the 2014 Daytona 500 he can’t decide whether to cry or raise his hands in triumph—so he does both. Skip to the 0:40 mark to get emotional.

Packers Fan

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    The 49ers have pretty much had the Packers’ number as of late, so I don’t blame this guy for being upset. I don’t even blame him for taking off his shirt—weird, but ok. But to take down all of his Packer memorabilia until head coach Mike McCarthy “is gone” in some type of weird Mexican standoff with no one? Makes no sense.

Mets Fan at Subway Series

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    Not all routine pop flies are routine. And although it would have been very A-Rod-like of A-Rod to fly out in a two-on, two-out, down-one, bottom-nine situation—this Met fan still risked looking like a fool with his premature celebration. Put it in the books!

Landon Donovan's World Cup Goal

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    It’s hard to forget Landon Donovan’s game-winning stoppage time goal against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup. And if you don’t remember how big the moment was, check out these folks from Lincoln, NE. ‘Merica. 

Celtics Fan

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    He is not a big enough Celtics fan to be wearing any type of team apparel, but he IS a big enough fan to perform an epic dance routine in front of thousands of people.

The Decision

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    It’s not often that “fan freak out” and “pyromania” go hand in hand, but here we are. Let’s just hope Johnny Football’s jersey doesn’t encounter the same fate.

Michigan State

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    Speaking of pyromania, those kids in East Lansing pretty much have it down to a science. Following Sparty’s victory against Ohio State in the 2013 Big Ten Championship Game, no couch was safe. I’d say lighting things on fire qualifies as freaking out.

Tiny Penguins Fan

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    Three questions are raised by this video: Can it be considered child abuse to bait your son into a sports-related frenzy and then record it? How did this kid become a Penguins fan if both his parents root for the Red Wings? Finally, over/under on how many times his future girlfriends will see this video at family gatherings?

Giants Win Super Bowl

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    Waving the towels at home—that’s dedication. And these fans’ freak out is one of pure, unadulterated joy.

Damian Lillard

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    If your guy did this, you’d freak out too.

Another Packers Fan

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    There’s no crying in football—unless you’re a Packer fan. This chick makes the Penguins kid look downright calm. Also, what is UP with the giant mural of Clay Matthews painted on her wall? I’m really starting to wonder about those folks in Green Bay…

Just One More Packers Fan

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    This fan awoke from a peaceful slumber to some of the worst news a guy can get—the New York Giants crushed his candy cane wishes and Super Bowl dreams. His top-seeded Packers, who went 15-1 in the 2011 regular season, lost to a team that barely eked into the playoffs. Eli Manning threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns en route to a shocking, yet not entirely shocking, victory. This guy hates Eli Manning? I would too, brother.

Spain's World Cup Victory

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    Landon Donovan’s goal was big, no doubt, but Nebraska ain’t got nothin' on Espana. The sheer size of this celebration is astonishing—as it should be. One of the world’s biggest soccer powers took home its first ever World Cup title in 2010.  

Packers Win Super Bowl

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    Is it just me, or does this guy’s scream sound just like Marv’s when Kevin McCallister sicked a tarantula on him in Home Alone?

Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

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    This is what happens when teams win stuff in Chicago. Wrigleyville goes insane and all attempts at keeping Clark Street clear are thwarted. Hey, that neighborhood needs something to cheer about every once in a while.

Vikings Fan

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    At one point during this Viking fan’s freak out, his girlfriend (I presume) says, “You seriously can’t do this every single time something bad happens.”  Right on, sister. Especially since, you would think as a Vikings fan, he’d be used to bad things happening by now.

Alabama vs. Oklahoma

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    Most times, fan freak outs are directed at a player, team or most logically, a TV screen. But sometimes, they are directed at other fans. Case in point. I don’t know what this Sooner said to Lady Tide here to tick her off, but it was enough to keep her coming back—several times. Just when you think it’s over, Mama Bama takes a flying leap and has to be restrained, Office Space printer style.