Rob Gronkowski Literally Waded Through Female Fans in Connecticut This Weekend

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 13, 2014


The offseason isn’t easy for Rob Gronkowski

Every day is rehab, movie cameos and Frisbee-sized steaks. It becomes a chore, especially when every cubic foot of space around his person is packed solid with adoring, 20-something female fans.

Indeed, Gronkowski found himself in a crush of young women at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino over the past weekend. According to Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage, there may have been some kind of autograph line for the New England Patriots tight end, though it looks more like a reunion from his Women’s Football Clinic.

There are no fewer than 15 women in this photo with Gronkowki (and one random guy). Another image suggests the tight end may or may not have roped a group of fans together with caution tape.

A woman who professes to be one of the ladies in this picture reports that a twerking good time was had by all.

As Kinsey writes, partying with Gronk sounds like the worst. 

“Just one night,” Kinsey writes. “Imagine just one night you’re Gronk at some Mohegan club.”

I’m imagining it, and the fantasy includes hours of yelling, blurring into frantic dancing and eventually total darkness. The next thing you know, you wake up in a strange hotel suite with fist-pump related tennis elbow and notice all the room furniture is six stories below at the bottom of the resort pool. Then comes the sharp rapping of hotel management at the door.

And that’s when we step out of the fantasy.

Granted, some will find a way to paint this as careless or irresponsible, because injured players are supposed to live in Bacta tanks and surface only for hard tack and life lessons from AJ #McHumble. I, however, prefer to view this as a low-contact drill.

Considering he has to scoop four ladies and Rob Schneider out of the way just to get to the men’s room, Gronkowski’s swim technique will be honed to the razor’s edge by the start of the 2014 season.

This is all part of what I predict will be a glorious return to form for the New England tight end in 2014. He may not be 100 percent on the field, but he won’t be afraid to operate in heavy traffic.


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