WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Daniel Bryan, Adam Rose and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 13, 2014

Daniel Bryan celebrates after winning the main event during Wrestlemania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans on Sunday, April 6, 2014. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)
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According to the latest WWE rumors, Daniel Bryan doesn't have to say goodbye to the world title just yet, and Adam Rose didn't have the kind of debut officials were hoping for.

Bryan's neck injury will be put him out of action, but the backstage word on WWE's plans for the championship will pacify his fanbase for now. The buzz about Rose is negative, disappointment stemming from his debut.

Other WWE rumors center on why the company let Mason Ryan and Danny Burch go and whom officials are reportedly discussing for next year's Hall of Fame class. We begin with the NXTers from the U.K., who leave Full Sail University in search of new opportunities.

NXT Exits

There is new information as to why WWE chose to cut both Ryan and Burch.

As PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported in April, WWE released those prospects as well as Oliver Grey and Shaul Guerrero. The news wasn't shocking, as neither Ryan nor Burch appeared prominently on NXT each week.

Still, it's curious that a man with the build WWE so often seeks found himself looking for a job.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via PWMania.com) reports that "officials felt that he wasn't improving at a fast enough rate. Ryan was well-liked and didn't have an ego."

Ryan had been growing as a performer as of late. He was getting more fluid in the ring, but apparently not enough to win over the folks in charge.

Burch doesn't have the advantage of looking like a comic-book character. He is, however, a hard-nosed brawler and seemingly further along than several of his peers. WWE thought otherwise.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via PWMania.com), "
there was a feeling that Burch was given up on by officials after he returned from knee surgery. Burch is 32 and the emphasis in developmental is on youth."

While WWE may view 32 as the age when a prospect becomes expendable, Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling should be happy to welcome him.

WWE is crowded with options from wrestlers plucked from the indies such as Solomon Crowe and prospects from the sports world such as Stuart Tomlinson. GWF, on the other hand, needs hungry, tough men such as Burch.

Backstage Word on Rose's Debut

Rose took his partying ways to Raw on April 5. Even with some fans singing his entrance theme, the debut lacked the electricity that his first time on NXT had. Officials apparently noticed.

According to F4WOnline (via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc.), "There are a lot of eyes within WWE on Adam Rose right now as his debut was seen as a failure. It's said that's a bigger story than people are letting on, but there are no further details."

His second appearance on Raw earned a bigger reaction from the crowd. Fans need time to warm up to new faces such as Rose, even if some diehard fans were already buzzing about him.

Rose's entrance and party-lover gimmick is too fun not to catch on, at least for a short while.

The officials reportedly tossing around the word "failure" just need to be patient. Let him win the crowd over in an actual match or two before getting too worried.

Rumored Names for 2015 Hall of Fame Class

Some interesting names are already popping up for next year's group of potential Hall of Fame entrants.

According to F4WOnline (via Josh Isenberg of Wrestle Zone), "Mickie James and Rikishi have been two names rumored for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015. The other name reported has been The Rock, who is slated to headline that class." 

The Rock is a slam dunk, no debate needed. Not surprisingly, his name has come up in Hall of Fame rumors before.

Mickie James makes a ton of sense as a Hall of Famer. Pro Wrestling Illustrated put her atop its PWI Top 50 list in 2009 (h/t Adam Martin of Wrestle View). She was also a Divas champ and won the women's title five times.

WWE has also established a pattern of including one woman in each class with Lita getting in this year and Trish Stratus going in two years ago.

Rikishi is a surprising potential inductee. His peak was short, and he was a borderline headliner for a brief time.

As fun as his run with Too Cool was, is there really enough on his resume to justify a trip to the Hall of Fame?

It's too far out from the event to take the names swirling around too seriously, though. If Rikishi continues to be a part of Hall of Fame rumors, we can get deeper into that discussion.

Bryan's Injury/WWE Championship Situation 

Bryan announced on Monday's Raw that he is undergoing neck surgery.

After fans wished him a speedy recovery, the first thought in many minds concerned what will happen with the world championship. Would WWE strip him of the title and deflate his momentum?

Judging by the latest backstage reports, Bryan fans shouldn't panic just yet.

F4WOnline (via Wrestling Inc.'s Middleton) reports the following:

There was talk backstage at last night's RAW that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan won't be out of action but for 1 or 2 months. The feeling was that WWE likely won't strip him of the title if he's out just 1 or 2 months.

PWInsider adds (via Middleton of Wrestling Inc.), "The belief is that when they get done with surgery, if there's nothing too bad discovered then they will likely keep the belt on Bryan. If they get a bad report from surgery, then Bryan could be stripped." 

It sounds like WWE isn't going to rush to any decisions here. If he's just missing two pay-per-views, the company can handle that and keep the title on him.

Evolution vs. The Shield and the Money in the Bank ladder match can headline the next two shows anyway.

If the doctors find out there is more to his injury than they first thought, it will then be time to start dreaming up scenarios to name a new champion. For now, Bryan's place on the throne is safe.


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