Shaqs trade to Cavs sets up Kobe vs Shaq #2

Kenny OliverContributor IJune 25, 2009

The Cavs have just acquired Shaq for a few expiring contracts Right now its a deal of principle and should be finalized on Thursday. This move sets up the 2009-2010 drama filled season of Kobe vs Shaq 2!!

Like most Laker fans I was sick of all the Kobe vs Bron arguments. I was relieved when the Cavs were defeated so all the comparisons stopped. With Bron teaming up with Kobes #1 hater its going to be a fun ride next season.

Next seasons dream showdown is the Lakers Cavs for sure. I am sure the NBA will do its best to make sure this happens. A Kobe Vs. Shaq and Lebron Finals would be an awesome ratings fest.

If the Cavs do win it all and LeBron gets his first championship do you think the haters will say he can't win without a bigman? One thing is for sure, next season is going to be a drama fest. I am sure David Stern is going to rubber stamp this trade as soon as he can.