Sheamus Needs to Channel His Beginnings with WWE to Become a Force Again

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2014


When Sheamus debuted with the WWE way back in 2009, he arrived with such a huge force that his rise to top was almost inevitable.

He had been slowly building during his time on the ECW brand, but it was his Raw debut that really got everyone talking. On October 26, 2009, he competed in a match against Jamie Noble—and set the tone for his first few months with the company.

He ruthlessly dismantled Noble in a ferocious contest that carried on after the bell had rung—with Sheamus slamming Noble to the mat outside the ring. He eventually forced Noble into retirement due to his brutal acts of violence, and it was evident that a star was born.

Unlike many other debuts in the WWE, the company had simply no choice but to fast-track him to the very top. Even after Noble had retired, the lack of competition for Sheamus brought out yet another fascinating side of him.

Without anyone coming forward to fight him, he took his anger out on timekeepers and commentators—with Jerry Lawler getting a particularly nasty beating at the hands of the Irishman.

Within a year he had fought Triple H at WrestleMania and had won the WWE Championship. It was a remarkable rise to the top in such a short space of time, and his volatile heel character was a resounding success.

However, move forward to the present day, and it is safe to say Sheamus is anything but the guy who debuted with the company back in 2009. His face turn has been an overwhelming failure—even if he did win the United States Championship on Raw of late.

With a heel turn potentially the only way to save his career with the company, the WWE needs to do something they rarely do and strip Sheamus back to his humble beginnings.

The very persona of Sheamus is a perfect fit for that unchained, demonic character. He is a bold, brash guy—and just looks like the kind of man who should be working as a heel.

If the company reverted back to type and gave birth to the Sheamus of 2009 once again, then there is every possibility that he could once again rise to the top of the tree.

With Daniel Bryan so desperately in need of true heel contenders for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, that original Sheamus would be an ideal choice. They have had some great rivalries in the past, and it would be nice to see two relatively new guys tussling for major championships once again.

There can be no denying that Sheamus was a roaring success when he first burst onto the scene in the WWE. A simple switch back to his original character would give him the opportunity to once again rise through the pack and up to the top of the card.