WWE Payback 2014: Feuds Guaranteed to Disappoint Fans

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The upcoming Payback pay-per-view is an opportunity for the WWE to build on its recent successes and deliver another strong showing as we head into what could be a huge summer for many of the company's stars.

After the relative success of Extreme Rules—with most rivalries delivering to a decent degree—Payback could continue the momentum that has been delivered over the last few months.

However, it looks like there could be a few disappointments in store this time, with some feuds brewing that will merely disappoint the millions of fans watching around the world.

That could be because they have been done once too often, or because the rivalry is just a sheer mismatch in terms of competitors. While there will not be many rivalries like that, there will be one or two that are guaranteed to disappoint fans.


Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger

We've been getting teases for a while regarding an Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger match, and it seems the company could well go through with it at Payback.

After Rose debuted on Raw with his entourage of party people, the seeds have been set for a rivalry that will ultimately be incredibly underwhelming.

It's a shame that Rose—a pretty talented guy with a fairly unique gimmick—is going to be fighting someone like Swagger at Payback, who is going nowhere at this moment in time.

In all honesty, the rivalry just seems incredibly rushed and without little thought. Swagger still hasn't put to bed his demons with Cesaro, and moving him on now feels like the wrong move—especially when he will no doubt be putting over the new talent in Adam Rose.


Bad News Barrett vs. Big E

Of course, there is no guarantee that the WWE will go down this route, but it seems like the most logical option at this moment in time.

It would be the safe move to have a championship rematch at Payback—unless a serious challenger emerges from the pack to face Bad News Barrett in the next few weeks.

The feud will disappoint largely because of the airtime the WWE will give it. It's such a shame that the Intercontinental Championship has been reduced to a belt that gets so little exposure—especially given how the WWE merged their two main belts at the end of last year.

Barrett could well be a good champion, but he needs some fresh challengers to keep the division interesting. Having a rematch with Big E on pay-per-view would be a waste of everyone's time.


Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam

Quite where this rivalry came from is anyone's guess—as mentioned previously, Cesaro still has plenty of issues with Jack Swagger that were never really put to bed.

The introduction of Rob Van Dam into their match at Extreme Rules made everything a bit of a mess in terms of Cesaro's direction, and the WWE will likely stick at Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam for the coming weeks.

That would suggest that a heel turn would be in the offing for Cesaro, with nobody really knowing what direction he is headed at this moment in time.

This match would be a bit of a waste for both men, in all fairness. Although the action inside the ring will no doubt be excellent, the feud is already stale and needs to be dropped as quickly as possible.