Chris Pronger Isn't a Canidate for 07-08 Norris: YAY!!!

Nathan CharronContributor IApril 30, 2008

This article is for all of you true hockey fans that, like me, doesn't think Chris Pronger deserves to be thought of as a "Top Defensemen" in the NHL.

The Norris trophy and any trophy for that matter should be reserved for those players who not only exhibit exceptional talent ON the ice, but also reverence and promotion of the sport off the ice. Chris Pronger does neither of these very well.

Sure Pronger is a great defensemen and a force on the blue line. He also goes up against the other teams best players and plays a lot of minutes, but he also plays dirty. Take a look at just one incident from earlier this year. When Chris Pronger and Ryan Kessler go into the boards on March 12, 2008 Kessler gets knocked to the ice. Pronger proceeds to stomp on his leg. This is an intent to injure and was not tolerated by the league. Pronger received a suspension from the league.

Players like him who play dirty and try to injure other players for their own benefit should not be canidates for any trophy. I for one am glad that he wasn't nominated for the Norris trophy this year as the leagues top defensemen.

To me nominating a player like him is a disgrace to the sport of hockey and the NHL.