Knockout Spotlight: Raisha Saeed AKA Cheerleader Melissa

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

Before I begin, in writing about Raisha Saeed you can not forget that the woman underneath the burkha is one of the best wrestlers of this generation. So, in part, I will be attempting to write about both, even though Raisha is the only one we get to see. I respect Melissa too much to not write about her as well.


Why she's good-Raisha

Raisha has been good in making Awesome Kong more than a monster. Sometimes, there are certain characters who don't need to be on a mic every week to get over who they are, and Kong is one of them.

Having a mouthpiece adds an extra dynamic, and Raisha is a good one. It must be tough to get yourself over while wearing a burkha, and Saeed has done well, thanks in part to who's under it.


Why she's good-Cheerleader Melissa

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Melissa is without a doubt TNA's ultimate secret weapon. First, she's got a great gimmick with the cheerleader attire. Second, she's absolutely beautiful.

Third, she's one of the best wrestlers to step foot in a ring today. Melissa has got serious indy cred, thanks in part to being a part of SHIMMER. She was even given a "Future Legend" award. For me personally, she's the best women's wrestler on TNA's roster, and definitely has what it takes to bring the Knockouts Division back to the top.


Why she's bad-Raisha

Kong seems to be in the middle of turning face, and Raisha hasn't been talking or doing much lately. It gets to a point of having no use for her, especially with the lack of wrestling.


Why she's bad-Cheerleader Melissa

Simple: We don't see her. Those who get to attend SHIMMER function are truly lucky. I can't comprehend for the life of me why this woman isn't used as her WELL-known character. It's a hot cheerleader for Heaven's Sake!


What Melissa brings to TNA

The future. Melissa has a whole lot to bring to TNA, beyond her indy cred and good looks. Melissa IS the future. She represents what the future of women's wrestling, especially on TV, can be. TNA constantly wants to one-up the WWE. They can do it with Melissa.

Next week I take a look at WWE's Bella Twins and Maria. Stay tuned.