TNA Joker's Wild II 2014 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

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By some accounts, the TNA Joker's Wild II event from Birmingham, England, was one of the best from the One Night Only series. It was originally taped on Feb. 2, 2014, but it aired on pay-per-view Friday night.

Jeremy Borash of Spike TV gave a ringing endorsement. Then again, he was part of the show, so you'll have to take that for what it's worth.

Of course, it's impossible to please everyone. Some fans were taking shots on social media, but all in all, it was a pretty solid show.

For those unaware of the theme behind the Joker's Wild show, it's as follows:

Twelve teams are drawn and forced to compete in a tag team tournament. The winners of the six matches advance to an every-man-for-himself Battle Royal.

The winner will be awarded $100,000.

The idea is to have some of the most odd pairs joined together for the sake of the event's biggest prize.

Here's a breakdown of the matches and results.


Gail Kim Defeated Shanna (results per

This sounded like the ordinary Knockouts scrap from a TNA show. It's cool that the promotion is still driving the international connection. Shanna is Portuguese and an interesting young talent.

She's already mastered the art of appealing to the crowd via social media. Check out her tweet after the match was done.

Personality, beauty and the brains to wait until the taped pay-per-view aired to tweet the image from her scrap. 


Once the televised event actually began, Borash announced that names would be drawn lottery-style to decide the pairs.

The first matchup was...Douglas Williams and Magnus (reuniting the British Invasion) taking on Chris Sabin and Gunner.


Williams and Magnus Defeated Sabin and Gunner

Seeing as though Sabin announced on Twitter that he was officially a free agent, as of today, it came as no surprise that he and Gunner fell short in the first round of the tournament.

How would it look for Sabin to win the Battle Royal and to be headed out of the company on the same night? Awkward.

Ivor TNA was right to assume Gunner and Sabin would have issues connecting.

While the British Invasion reunion was cool, it's unfortunate that Gunner didn't get a better showing. Crowds are still reeling from his feud with James Storm.

While this was tape-delayed, it would have been cool to see him gain more on-screen momentum.

Oh well.


Samoa Joe and Bad Bones Defeated Christopher Daniels and Robbie E

Bad Bones is another international product performing in TNA. He and Samoa Joe were able to knock off Daniels and Robbie E in this one.

There was little doubt Joe would find his way into the Battle Royal. Being matched against expendables like Daniels and Robbie E only confirmed what we already knew.


Rockstar Spud and Bull Ray Defeated Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries

Spud heard some love from his fans in his home country, and the contrasting styles and personas from him and Bully Ray made the match comedic.

One day, Anderson will get something else really meaningful to participate in.

For now, he was part of the team sent to put over Ray and Rockstar Spud's odd couple act. Andrew Lee was taken by Spud's antics:

Spud was thrilled to get an opportunity to perform in front of his hometown fans.


Curry Man and Eric Young Defeated EC3 and Kazarian, but...

This one was quite confusing. The teams were switching mid-match.

There's no way the man who is currently rocking the TNA world title would be left out of the Battle Royal. So you had to figure the team he settled in with would win.

Ultimately, EC3 switching to EY's side made for a more entertaining tandem, and a more likely pair moving on to the Battle Royal.


The Wolves Defeated Beer Money

By every account you'll see, this was a spectacular match. TNA Mecca was really excited about the action. They tweeted:

With Beer Money grabbing the fan's attention, this match stole the event. Storm and Roode were phenomenal, but The Wolves still prevailed.

It seemed like a bit of a waste considering advancing meant each member would be fighting in an every-man-for-himself match.

Storm and Roode would have made for a much better inclusion.


Zema Ion and Jessie Godderz Defeated Sam Shaw and Abyss

This really happened.

Abyss is definitely the TNA's version of Kane these days. He's the big, scary guy who is there to put over stars who can beat him in mini feuds.

The only issue is this: are Zema and Godderz good enough to be put over by Abyss right now?



EC3 Wins the Battle Royal

With a match chock full of stars, though it could have had more, EC3 shined brightest. He won a Battle Royal that consisted of Douglas Williams, Magnus, Samoa Joe, Bad Bones, Rockstar Spud, Bully Ray and others.

He has to primed for a real run at a title shot after this one.


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