The 10 Best Signature Walkout Songs in the UFC Right Now

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The 10 Best Signature Walkout Songs in the UFC Right Now
Ronda Rousey

In a "Face the Pain" world, we search for an oasis. But who can we rely on? Who can we trust?

We can trust these 10 individuals, is who. These are the 10 best signature entrance songs among active UFC fighters.

The time was right to produce this list. We've dealt with some difficult departures lately on the entrance-song front. Matt Hughes and his steely "A Country Boy Can Survive." Chuck Liddell and that nasty DMX intro. Stephan Bonnar and "Eminence Front," a true all-timer. And of course, who can forget Nick Denis robbing us all of "Genesis" by Justice with his early retirement because of brain injury concerns? What about what I want, Nick Denis? You're a selfish person. 

Anyway, we're now just trying to pick up some pieces and move forward. For a song to make this list, the first criterion is that it must be strongly associated with one fighter. If it's a good song but everyone uses it, it's ineligible. I'm glancing in your direction, Rocky theme. I'm talking to you, every single Johnny Cash song from The Man Comes Around.

Second criterion: This is a ranking of songs, not fighters. Nevertheless, it helps if a fighter is more elite because frankly that makes it easier to find his or her song, not to mention the fact that it increases his chances of having a signature walkout song in the first place.

Third and most important criterion: The song has to be, how do I put this, good. Apologies to Kid Rock on this one. If it qualifies as a "signature song," but the song sucks, that doesn't help anybody. It doesn't move the ball forward, know what I mean?

So if you didn't see your favorite signature song on the list, take heart. It's just because the song wasn't good enough. This is not a subjective exercise. Use this as an opportunity to improve. 

One more thing: The reason I'm the best in the world when it comes to MMA walkout song lists is because of my eclectic tastes and my ability to understand that just because it's not in my iPod, that doesn't mean it's not a worthy song. I have taste, but I'm not a snob. The rope ladder is hanging unfurled for anyone to climb. All the more reason you should really feel disheartened if your fave isn't on here.

I think that covers it. Please enjoy the list. 

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