Bills Fans Forced to Announce Other Teams' Draft Picks

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2014

via Vine

After the first round of the NFL draft, commissioner Roger Goodell usually allows special guests to announce draft picks. Those guests usually have some connection to the team they are announcing, but this year, there were a couple of fans who seemed a bit out of place at the podium.

Oddly enough, both head-scratchers happened to be Buffalo Bills fans.

The first fan, Jordan Schwartz, was set to announce which player the Bills selected at No. 41, but Buffalo traded out of that spot.

Tough luck. Schwartz had the privilege of telling the world which player the St. Louis Rams took with that selection instead:

There appeared to be some miscommunication for another Buffalo fan, Marisa Scime. Here was the original plan:

As you can see in the Vine above, she wound up announcing the San Diego Chargers' second-round pick. To make matters worse, she was identified as a Chargers fan.

Scime took to Twitter to cle:

What a bizarre night. 

[Vine, Twitter; h/t The Buffalo News and The Big Lead]